Anaplan Tutorial | The complete beginner's guide to Anaplan (2023)

Anaplan Tutorial Table of Contents

  • Anaplan - what is it?
  • Key features of Anaplan
  • Benefits of Anaplan
  • Main applications of Anaplan
  • The work of Anaplan
  • Anaplan implementation tips
  • Planning and forecasting with Anaplan
  • after all

Anaplan - what is it?

planis an online risk platform for business deals. Anaplan is also the name of the company that created the platform. Anaplan, whose name includes the words "research" and "arrangement," is best known for its in-memory database and computing engine called HyperBlock. When high-risk customers transfer information to the Anaplan cloud, the customer's business client can quickly organize and review various settings of large business information from different areas of accounting, HR, trading and business operations.

Because the Anaplan phase provides existing customers with a recognizable Excel-like utility, regular business customers can use the product to make decisions based on information that, in some ways, requires the extensive skills of a data scientist. Anaplan includes modules for Work Scheduling, Standard Scheduling, Supply Calculation, Risk Scheduling, Requirements Scheduling, Scheduling and Scheduling Estimation, Financial Consolidation and Productivity Measurement.

Interestingly, Anaplan was initially ineligible for consideration in the 2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Execution, but was mentioned in the "Various Vendors to Consider" section. As the report states, Anaplan "provides a robust SaaS business demonstration and delivery platform for funds and various business functions that help shape and improve operational execution."

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Key features of Anaplan

Here's a list of some of Anaplan's most popular features:

1. Business coordination based on stages

It covers a fundamental phase for coordinating and representing the entire line of business applications and processes, including finance, sales, supply chain and operations, marketing, human resources and IT. Ensure high provisioning and design for computing while developing new applications for all business needs in a continuous cloud-based environment.

2. Variety of information, collective selection and integration of information

Save time and effort when you use a cloud-based platform to align data in your layout environment. Aggregate planning information from value-based source frameworks into the Anaplan Information Center Point model for use by all Anaplan applications. Calculate using the different possible combinations:

  • Self-managed information input and pricing
  • Anaplan HyperConnect is powered by Informatica
  • Pre-built ETL connectors for Informatica, MuleSoft, SnapLogic and Boomi to multiple information sources including Workday, NetSuite, Oracle and SAP
  • Custom integration with Anaplan REST API

3. Continuous reports and dashboards for better visual understanding

Quickly examine the health of your business with order-related tasks, work on dashboards and surveys to gain an initial understanding (eg contours, charts, maps, waterfalls and that's just the tip of the iceberg). Complete financial announcements (income statement, financials, earnings) for planned, actual and estimated information for continuous, coordinated disclosure. Instantly create custom perspective reports from any metric (time, terrain, project).

4. Dynamic timing, format, command chain and framework

Instantly create master plans with key metrics to align plans, spending plans and budgets. Contrasting shapes and blending controls for complete, predictable formations. Take advantage of unlimited opportunities to gain proactive peer-to-peer insights and make informed business decisions. Influence works with multidimensional design ideas, including time, variations, infinite value chains, customer characteristics, and assets

5. Self-management UI for visualization and evaluation

It allows end customers to easily create and modify complex models with the ability to "think" on the fly to answer complex quantitative questions and situations from different business areas. Create simple, authentic voice recipes - no coding required. Intuitive, progressive system changes with rapid impact, without IT dependency or dependency.

6. Flexibility brings sensitivity to knowledge

Just Anaplan offers flexible in-memory innovations that can process billions of cells in a single model and recalculate billions of numbers in a second.

7. Prepackaged applications for business customers

Create a well-built app that follows best practices with a single click in App Hub. No special knowledge or skills are required to implement, develop or customize applications.

8. Security and Consistency

The Anaplan platform offers best-in-class, robust protection plans to keep your data ultra-safe. In addition, Anaplan Platform Security provides RBAC, user management and control, supports SSO through SAML 2.0 compliance, and more.

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9. Fix security vulnerabilities, full encryption of information.

ISO 27k guaranteed and SOC controlled office server farm. Testing and reviewing safety and classification exercises. SOC 1 Type 2 compliance, annual outsider access control and continuous breach analysis.

Benefits of Anaplan

Below are some of the key benefits of using Anaplan:

  • Create a more accurate model for planning and executing any financial, transactional, supply chain, labor management or IT process, from the critical to the operational level. Combine timing and demand/opportunity indicators with complex KPIs.
  • Incrementally integrate your overall design use cases and avoid moving data from stand-alone applications and spreadsheets. Support coordinated business agreements at critical and functional level.
  • Go ahead and approve the impact of justification assumptions on plans and KPIs.
  • Define business rules and diagrams without using special expressions, scripts or coding
  • Enables enterprise customers to incrementally change materiality definition chains with simplified functionality.
  • Instantly create scenarios to test assumptions and simplify expected results. It allows continuous changes in situations that depend on Ace information (eg new projects, customers, new taxonomy definitions). Leverage predictive analytics to gain more insight into your business operations.
  • Understand and review model changes and revert to more mature model variants.
  • Understand the drivers of change and change your agreements. It provides immediacy for comprehensive, useful settings.
  • Understand the impact of changes to blueprints, asset information, and models without additional snapshots.
  • An improved customer experience enables simultaneous planning and research (along with world-class information support) from the same perspective. Reduce preparation time.
  • Allow business customers to design their views, explore and toggle the dashboard to explore and design at different levels. Avoid overthinking different perspective settings.
  • Simplify the customer experience and reduce setup time with a single interface for design, presentation and organization. Allow enterprise customers to request and maintain applications.
  • It allows business customers to turn models into applications, including dashboards, reports, and models, without the need for coding.
  • Download, distribute and share apps to accelerate adoption and sharing of best practices
  • Resolve any agreement difficulties in the business using the model provided by the business customer.
  • Capture detailed insights, lead development and filter continuous metrics for quick turnaround. Adaptability with Anaplan proves that engines remain adaptable to changing economic conditions.
  • View business planning at an aggregated and point-by-point level. Think step by step about the different elements of your business.
  • Reduce cost and risk by eliminating spreadsheets and consolidating redundant programming frameworks.
  • Improve decision accuracy and improve business outcomes with predictive testing and “imagine a scenario” situational investigation.
  • Consolidate information easily. Businesses can facilitate information integration by linking models and plans.
  • Use pre-built applications to speed planning and increase time to compliance.

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Main applications of Anaplan

Wondering where to use Anaplan's features? Here are some of the uses of the platform:

  • Financial planning and forecasting:You plan to evaluate and review a myriad of impact situations before starting a program. Lessons are based on key metrics and create spend plans with key details to improve coordination, reduce cycle times and align plans, budgets and numbers.
  • Economic Inclusion: Supports multiple units, account structures, partner customization and currency forms. Monitor and align with IFRS, US GAAP and certain other generally accepted accounting principles.
  • sales volume: Calculate complex incentive plans behind closed sales, track deals that cannot be closed, and predict future sales results in complex sales funnels.
  • supply chain: Manage your S&OP form, request estimates and flexibly forecast individual phases using any time measurement - quarterly, monthly or even daily. Create rendering scenarios based on blueprints and highlights, including projects, source changes, and new routes.
  • human assets: Manage the recruitment process through methodology, financial planning, work-based access control and implicit audit trails.
  • Marketing: Easily transfer financial planning to your key chain of command to allocate assets for high-performance operations. Use a broad range of expenses for all presentations within the organization of assets, budgets, expenses and results.

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programming tasks


Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 or later should be installed on your computer. If you are unsure, contact your IT manager or Anaplan Support.

The default Windows 8 system natively featured .NET 4.5 and Windows 10 natively featured .NET 4.6 as well. If you find that you have recently updated your computer, you need to make sure that the updated variant is installed correctly. If you don't know how to install the correct .NET format, do the following:

1. Press the Windows key on the console, now type “Windows Features” and press Enter. The Open or Close Exchange box appears.

2. Select the correct .NET Framework and click OK. If you get angry, restart your computer.

3. Download and import the .NET Framework 4.6.2 from the Microsoft® Download Center. Restart the computer after updating the .NET version.

The work of Anaplan

If you now have setup files that survived version 3.0, you can continue installing that version. For version 3.0, there are three possible company files. If you have more than one replacement plate, you should choose the one that fits you immediately. Choose:

  • .exe version of Anaplan Excel add-in (single user) if you have basic developer rights on your computer,
  • The .msi variant of the Anaplan Excel add-in (single user) if you are an administrator or
  • Anaplan Excel Add-In (Multi-User) is used to install and monitor the Excel Add-In Adapter 3.0 on multiple computers.

Before you start, check the system requirements and prerequisites.

When you are sure that your framework meets the requirements and requirements, close Excel. It is important to close and keep all exercise books open.

Anaplan implementation tips

Some quick tips for a great Anaplan application are:

  • Continually evolve your vision for the customer experience. This is the exercise we do at Unum in the hardest way possible. We recognized what the model should do, but we didn't have the dream to make it understandable for the customer. How does Anaplan serve super customers, CFOs, senior leaders and others? What happened to their demo site? How much data do they get from scratch? Is a good idea; How can we increase it after some time? Answering these questions at the beginning of the tour is critical.
  • Actively participate in your assessment team to create assessments of potential risks. This risk assessment will help you review your security and information management systems. You know you'll need to do this at some point, so it's a good sign to get the control panel as soon as time permits. They will help you make the right choice on the first route.
  • Gather and discuss current and future information needs before opening. Again, you realize you'll have to do it eventually, so do it before you see the show. You need to think about what information you need today because you may need it tomorrow if your Anaplan model changes. I can assure you, just understand - it's ideal.
  • Benefit from the Anaplan Customer Success Team. The experienced individuals representing the Client Achievement team have years of experience. This has given you the skills to identify a problem or challenge that you thought was unimaginable. If they don't figure it out themselves, they'll find someone else. On the other hand, I strongly encourage you to connect with your friends in the Anaplan community.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Anaplan way. You will be constantly evolving and updating your model and there will be regular Anaplan update periods, so you will need to declare Anaplan running. That, but your argument will continue to be tested - as you learn more about Anaplan phases, you'll realize there's a lot you can do in other ways. Obfuscating the Anaplan way of thinking and working makes this constant change easier, more efficient and even more fun.
  • Make it your daily discipline to motivate and recognize your team. Actually every day. When working with Anaplan, you make rapid progress and it is appropriate to express gratitude and appreciation to those who excel. It's important to celebrate the small wins along the way and pause every now and then to reflect on what you've accomplished so far. This makes team members stand out and serves as a constant reminder of what they have accomplished.

If you have questions about Anaplan, let Anaplan's industry experts answer them on our websiteAnaplanCommunity!

Planning and forecasting with Anaplan

Today it takes money to do more with less and deliver more great details with fewer mistakes and less time. To do this, you need structure, speed, consistency, cooperation and precision in the financial agreement process.

Using Anaplan's reporting, planning, and metrics orchestration, you can develop and connect business-readable plans and equations, as well as monetary and operational factors, at scale and across the enterprise.

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Key benefits of using Anaplan's financial planning and forecasting
  • Reduced process time and effort for planning, scheduling and confirmation
  • Direct and control the process and eliminate dependence on spreadsheets and IT
  • You can now have an overall view with relevant plans for accounts, offers, tasks and HR
  • Improve accuracy and goal attainment with driver-driven models, continuous measurement, and programmatic aggregation in programs and reports
  • Improve design accuracy through integrated collaborative efforts and impact investments
  • Using top-down and top-down approaches, you can seamlessly align master schedules, business plans, annual spending plans, and rolling budgets.
  • Business analysts can work faster with pre-built, accelerated agent applications for planning, scheduling, specification, assembly and visualization

after all

Anaplan intelligently simplifies your budgeting work. Because of the many benefits we discussed above, Anaplan is growing in popularity and demand in the world of business intelligence and planning. You should start planning your finances on the platform as soon as possible and you should be able to tell the difference for yourself.

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