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What, where and how much to move and buy furniture, furnish and decorate your new home in Spain.

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The entire western world seems to live in an Ikea house. If that doesn't bother you, then it might as well be your one source cheap furniture store.

We recently received a forum post about furniture packages and I realized that in terms of furniture and decor for your home, new or not, there is a lot to talk about in Spain. In my humble opinion, unless you have to bring grandma's old sofa and chair set, it makes a lot of sense to buy new furniture in Spain instead of bringing the old furniture from home. I imagine that in some cases you want to bring some pieces with sentimental value, but in general, the furniture is not as expensive as at home, and the furnishing process can be so liberating (from the old chains of the motherland). /life) and cheaper than shipping everything with moving companies, especially if you are from the US, Canada or Australia (especially Australia). Below you will find our tips for finding beautiful furniture in different price ranges for your move to Spain.First tip: A lot of Spanish vocabulary is needed to decorate your home in Spain effectively. An interior designer can be of great help in these respects, although they can be expensive. Otherwise, researching the words you need before entering the store (checklist style) or just looking and pointing is the most effective way to deal with furniture store salespeople. Start with "furniture" - furniture, "sofa" - sofa/sofa, "mattress" - mattress...

Ikea installation

Ah, the ubiquitous Ikea. The entire western world seems to live in an Ikea house. If that doesn't bother you, then it might as well be your one source cheap furniture store. The Spaniard jumped on the Ikea bandwagon with a skin she had never seen at home. My recent trip to Ikea was an exercise in patience due to the huge lines and unapproachable/ignorant staff. Still, my friend and I got what we needed for a good price, and we even bought some Swedish meatballs for our next cookout. Try to avoid peak hours such as weekday afternoons and evenings. I guess that leaves you with tomorrow. Ikea can now be found at the following retailers for your decorating blissmainland spain:
Alcorcón (southwest of Madrid)
Badalona (northeast of Barcelona)
Barakaldo (near Bilbao I think)
Granvia L'Hospitalet (southwest of Barcelona)
Murcia (north of Cartagena)
SS de Los Reyes (North of Madrid)

Ikea in the islands:
Gran Canaria
Lanzarote Ikea doesn't seem to allow you to buy online, but you can check availability at your local Ikea store. Island stores seem to offer English on their website, but mainland stores do not. Hope you can figure out enough words to get by. Otherwise, head to your local store, find what you need, and have your new furniture delivered right away.Second tip:Stock up as much as you can during the third and fourth weeks of the Sale, which lasts for a month in January and July, when next season's merchandise arrives. Household items carry a hefty price tag that you can avoid by buying these weeks of the year.

Zara Home, Vinçon and high quality furniture

Zara Home, part of the Zara Group, seems to be spreading across Spain. I've shopped there a few times to find pleasant surprises of high quality furniture, tapestries, linens, etc. at reasonable prices. If you have the opportunity to buy your new furniture during sales (January and July) you can find incredible offers (around 70%).Vincenzo(website in English) is a gallery of medium to high quality furniture and housewares located on the famous Passeig de Gracia in Barcelona. Sometimes I go there to have fun when I pass by. Big things: innovative, interesting and stylish. Prices are there too.way homelooks good Located in Madrid, looks to offer a diverse range of quality furniture from its seasonal collections. There are many smaller, commercial-style stores throughout Spain, both in big cities and small towns. You can find some great deals and some expensive deals. However, they can usually be found of good quality. Take a look around some of the shopping and main streets in your new neighborhood, chances are you'll find at least one. Also in the area there are occasionally second-hand furniture stores, as well as antique shops, where you can find various antiques from all over Europe, not cheap, but very interesting. To watch a list of furniture stores across Spain, but with a focus on the Valencia region.

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Your best bet is Tuesday night after 10pm. Walk the streets and you'll find true gems among broken shelves, insect-infested mattresses and tables deformed by the sun.

department store furniture

El Corte Inglés, Hipercore (their descendants), Carrefour and Alcampo have large furniture departments. Just like your favorite department store back home (whether it's Bay, Sears, Marks & Spencer...), you'll find lots of cheap to expensive furniture and housewares at these locations. Rather than buying a bed or sofa at a department store, where the quality can be questionable and the fashions outdated, I would go there to your place (hometown) Items such as towels (towels), Linen (Sheet) and bathroom accessories, where the variety on offer is only surpassed by the price of these items when they go on sale (again during the Rebajas, but also at other times of the year. Ask your favorite Spanish mother/grandmother, she will probably do that). Also, be on the lookout for flyer deliveries as they will let you know about other smaller stores in your area that you haven't found yet. Visit the local Eurotienda (sometimes called the 'bazaar' or, as the Spaniards say, 'el chino' as they are often run by the Chinese) and stock up on trinkets, hangers and plastic containers for the lowest prices. low. Cleaning supplies are also a good buy here, such as mops, brooms, garbage cans, Draino-type drain cleaning solutions (client) and window wipers. Avoid buying electronics at these places, if you want them to last a long time stay in department stores ordomestic uses.Third tip: Indeed, Spain is a place of bargains. Remember, not in a department store, but go to markets where you can occasionally haggle up to 50% off. This can save you a lot of money on larger furniture and you'll find beautiful crafts.

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Expat furniture packages

Some furniture stores may offer furniture packages like they do at home. This means that for a nominal cost of, say, €10,000 (between €5,000 and €20,000), you can furnish almost your entire home. This includes kitchenware, beds, dressers/cabinets, dining chairs, etc. I personally have never seen any of these "packages" but a friend got one. I wasn't too pleased with the lack of a personal touch, but it certainly made moving to Spain easier. She was worried that she wouldn't have time to sort everything out, arrange transportation, set up, etc., as she would have to start her new job right away. The furniture pack did it for you. She says she will slowly start to put her own pieces together as she goes along. I can see that a furniture package would be particularly useful for those buying investment or rental property. That way, it's a one-off decision, and it's pretty much done, corrections aside. However, keep in mind that your apartment will most likely not be the most memorable decor. I found a few places online that sell furniture packages for expats moving to Spain. Here are some of them: Fourth tip:In Barcelona it is common for people to take their old furniture and leave it on the street so that others can collect it and, finally, the garbage collectors. Your best bet is Tuesday night after 10pm. Walk the streets and you'll find true gems among broken shelves, insect-infested mattresses and tables deformed by the sun. I know it sounds bad, but sometimes you find something unique, special or even new. While I haven't seen this in other parts of Spain, I imagine it will happen in other places as well. Does anyone come in?


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britinspain on January 29, 2009 Hello, I am looking for a used furniture store in Costa del Sol as I have moved from Switzerland and have some surplus furniture to sell. Can anyone help?
Craig Ireland July 12, 2009 Hello, I'm moving to Spain next March. I'm thinking of bringing our American-style fridge with its own water filter and ice maker. craig
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