How the X-Men #1 Marvel mutants changed forever (2023)

Thirty years ago,AM 20. August 1991, Marvel Comics published the highly anticipated report of its most popular franchiseX Men#1Long termAmazing x-menWriter Chris Claremont is designed by Jim Lee and Scott Williams.X MenThe first edition of Band dos was a seismic idiot for the comic industry.

The first edition of the second series X-Men sold more comics than any other individual result or since then.Marvel Mutated EquipmentOf something that knew only the comic reading of the nerds in a real multimedia phenomenon. It can be the most important individual problem of the conventional comics of the modern age.X Men#1 Not only changed the mutated franchise, but also the superhero comics as a whole.

The best history in singular comics
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Marvel comics

Popular comics were sold in hundreds of thousands in the 1980s. But from the Golden Age of comics in the 1940s, they had sold in millions. So, the collector's market exploded in the early 1990s.Super -Man DeathUND Todd McFarlane'sSpider man(and thenTo appear) They sold millions of individual problems. X-force#1He sold five million copies and took the crown to the best story in sales comics. A crown, which remained for two months.

HeX MenThe number 1 arrived and sold an incredible eight million copies. They got it mainly through the idea of the first edition at the time, which stretched in five different covers in a month (more about it later).Image by artist Jim Lee. Until today, another comic is sold, soldX Men#1 was sold in 1991. and it is doubtful that everything exceeds everything.A sales merger.And sealed the X-Men Square as the most popular comic series.

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ProductionX-Men: The Animation SeriesPossible
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During the 1980s, the X-Men comics were the largest franchise, so much so that Marvel Productions produced an animation in 1989X MenPilot titled "Adorno there x-men“First of all, the team was based occasionally in the union around 1975-1984, but no one was interested in taking him to the series. In that time, as the largest salesman in the comic industry, there was nothing that was net.A woman believed in him: the producer Margaret Loesch.

X MenProductor Eric LewaldYears later"Margaret Lesch wanted to do the show for 10 years. No one in Hollywood believed the X-Men could be popular.Increase and load.He said, "No, this is too strange. This is too internally adhering."One more timeX Men#1 sold eight million copies, it was clear that Marvel's mutants were a phenomenon they could not ignore.X MenPartially based on mass numbersX Men#1 sold.

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Marvel comics

Of course the team used inX-Men: The Animation SeriesIt was based on his aesthetic and costume designs created by Jim Lee to Jim LeeX Men#1 is also a new aspect for characters thanks to their conscience on television on Saturday morning, as they were looking for an entire generation.X MenMembers # 1 did not regularly the series, such as Iceman, Archangel, Coloso and Psychocke, but there is still a straight line ofX Men#1 for the classic cartoon show.

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Magneto returns to the villain's legendary status
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Marvel comics

Magneto was the main villain of theOriginalX Men#11963. But over the years, writer Chris Claremont has developed theMaster of MagnetismIn a bad sage and then in an anti -hero.e finally a complete member of X -Men.claremont even made him director of Xavier School for talented young people.

But Marvel wanted the opponent to be number one of the X-Men in bad modeX Men#1 in Spaden.claremont and Lee gave the magneto as a mustache or completely rescued, but as an antagonist complex. And this representation continued in most interpretations of the media.Sir Ian McKellen Y Michael Fassbender.

Jim Lee: Superstar
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Marvel comics

In the last two years, he has called a young artist appointedJim LeeI named Marvel in books likeThe punishmentYREST X-MEN.Proved to be the most popular very fastX MenArtist in a decade.Bean of his incredibly dynamic and detailed style, sales in mutated books have constantly increased.X Men#1 Relaunch.

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Had projected the previous yearStrategy(and redesigned Pylocke) and became favorites of immediate fansX MenThen. ° 1 gave characters like Cyclops, Jean Gray, Storm and Rogue New Freshes in this edition.X Men#1, the next decade had all the artists in the book living in their shadow.YWith its designs. Now can lead the comics of DC, but it was the Marvel mutants who made him a comic legend.

The five original five return home
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Marvel comics

The original breed of the 60s ofX MenIt was just a modest success for Marvel. He finally showed when creator Stan Lee and Jack Kirby left the title. Mutants canceled in 1970 returned as "Back" in 1975.The new X-Men differentiated."" The only members of the original team that stop were Cyclops and Jean Gray. Beast, a avenger, while Iceman and Angel went from one team to another. The team joined again, named appointed namedFator x.ButX MenIn number 1, the five original students returned to their original team after two decades outside Mansion X and have never been lost since then.

The end of Chris Claremont -ar
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Alameda Entertainment

With the emergence of Jim Lee, unfortunately, the end of the writer arrivedChris Claremonts corre emX Men(At least a decade or something) after writingAmazing x-menFor 16 years, Chris Claremont defined who was Marvel's mutants. In the early 1990s, Marvel's publisher saw that it was Jim's art to read the comics. And despite Claremont's mass meaning for the title Marvel as far asmoney.

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And Lee wanted a little more "X-Men Classic", while Claremont wanted to take the plot aheadIn new wild addressesMarvel has chosen Lees Take and Claremont.yronically, Lee can also end a year later to form Image Comics.X Men#1, only without creator.X Men#1 offers a special place in history to mark the beginning of the end of a big age for the series.

Inspire a video game phenomenon
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The Mega Success ofX Men#1 attracted everyone to "all" belonged to the Konami Video Game Company. A year laterX Men#1 leftTo dieX MenRolloHit Arkaden in the United States. And it was an immediate blow. Interpretally, the equipment used for the game was not basedX Men#1, but on the cartoon pilot "Pryde dos X-Men" (debuts approximately at the same timeX-Men: The Animation Series) But Jim Lee X-Men definitely inspired games that followed young peopleX-Men: Kinder des atomsGiftClones Wars, Apocalypse mutated,And much more.

Die variante -cover -comics -apokalypse
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Marvel comics

For all the good things that cameX Men#1, there were definitely bad side effects. The five covered variants played an important role in the edition that sold eight million copies. And an enthusiasm started in the comic industry, Marvel, DC and all middle editors decided that several covers of thesame comics would lead to great sales. And speculators devoured these problems and expected to do some coins months or years later. This soup of the speculator fell in 1994 and carried almost the entire comic industry with them. You can take this roof trick to a largetrend, but it happened, but it could have been better ifX Men#1 I had never started this trend.

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