Jim reads 15 more famous covers (2023)

Your day as a bed of the star of"Callado X-Men"In his current position as a co-editor of DC Entertainment, Jim Lee has been a driving force in comic industry for decades. As one of the co-founders of Image Comic and Wildstorm Productions, Lee's successful work helped pave the way togenerations of the future, comic creator.

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Now, CBR takes a look at some of Jim Lee's most emblematic comic books. For this list, we'll see the coverage of her illustrious 30 -year career.Men, we'll see some of the reasons why Jim Lee becomes one of the great superhero artists of all time.

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15 Punisher: War Journal #19

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Although he is not as celebrated as his subsequent works, one of Jim Lee's first races"Punisher: War Journal"In the late 1980s. Only with Carl Potts helped Lee, Punisher's second current title during one of the character's commercial peaks in the late 80's. Sob this creative team, Punisher continued his war from a single man against crimeThroughout the universe of Marvel and had an unforgettable meeting with Wolverine.

Jim reads 15 more famous covers (2)

Lee's latest edition of the 1990 #19 Punisher War Journal "has one of the best cover blubes of all time. The Day-Glo's heavy artillery throws Frank's castle in the form of the time film action heroes of the timeLike Arnold Schwarzenegger.com Klaus Janson and the colors of Gregory Wright, Gregory Wright, this cover perfectly embodies the dark humor and explosive action that perfectly incorporates this action of this cover of this cover.

14 Justice League #1

Jim reads 15 more famous covers (3)

When DC Comics restarts its universe in 2011 with the new 52, DC Comics Creative Director Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, in the company's chief car."Justice League".Thanks to their editorial positions, both creators helped shape the new DC universe, and Lee designed costumes to various characters. Although the couple worked together only for 10 non -luxurious problems in the title, the career gave Hero Teen Cyborg aregularly in the team and established the modern origin of the group.

Jim reads 15 more famous covers (4)

With the main protection of the "Justice League" from 2011 #1, I read the biggest DC icons in one of its recordings of grinding groups recorded.The latest and most elegant 52. Although every hero is well defined, the barcode falls directly to the flash breast symbol.It was designed because it was used and existed as a license image with the clearly visible logo.

13 All Star Batman Y Robin, The Boy Wonder #9

Jim reads 15 more famous covers (5)

In 2005, DC Comics began All Star Line as a place for higher education creators to tell stories with regular continuity heroes. Although this line has produced only two titles, one of these comics,"The whole star Batman and Robin the child wonders"He agreed Jim Lee with legendary creator Frank Miller. Opening from the family tree of these two creators and the successful sale, the series was full of delays, in which 10 problems were started for three years.

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Jim reads 15 more famous covers (6)

While Millers's letter was the source of division and considerable controversy, Lees Art received great praise in the series. Thank you so much to photos as the main cover of "All Star Batman and Robin, The Boy Wonder", #9, is easy to see byThat Lee is with Scott Williams and colors of Alex Sinclair, the legendary cover of Jack Burnley and "Batman" from 1942.e Robin, this seems to jump shortly before the side.

12 Excanny X-Men #275

Jim reads 15 more famous covers (7)

Together, the X-Men writer, Chris Claremont and Jim Lee, created some of the most emblematic adventures of the X-Men. In 1989, Lee had an unforgettable time of guest during the crossover "Acts of Revenge" before becoming the pencilusual from the book with "Undnanny X-Men" # 267. and the title focused on the original X-Men.

Jim reads 15 more famous covers (8)

The newly used X-Men used these "training costumes" for a space adventure that occurred in part in "Undanny X-Men" #275 of 1991.com Scott Williams and Colors of Glynis Oliver and Joe Rosas, the Lee coverTriple Gate for this topic is a dynamic instantaneous of the X-Men in a transition state. While Schmiede and Banshee maintain these uniforms for some time, the rest of the team excluded them after some problems, and the team would give the square seasons of X-Men Gold and X-Men Blue of the 90s after a few months.

11 Batman #619

Jim reads 15 more famous covers (9)

Although DC bought his Wildstorm production studio in 1998, Jim Lee Comics's first important work did not reach his career at Jeph Loeb in"Bat Man"In 2002. This creative team revitalized the Dark Knight with "Hush", a 12 -part mystery that almost all the great villains had and presented Hush, guessed a malignant reader, the series was a critical success and a commercial cashier.

Jim reads 15 more famous covers (10)

While this race was full of unforgettable coverage, Lees Triple-Porl-Cover for "Batman" #619 of 2003, which Batman and his allies represent in a ceiling of Gotham City, was a cornerstone for a solid race.Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair Scott Williams and Colors Tinks, this cover is an excellent example of Lee's talent to organize numerous group photos. As Batman and his allies, Superman appears in the background and indicates Lee's next important work, one, onecareer in"On -human,"And the growing importance of the aesthetics of the Lees in the widest DC universe.

10 Excanny X-Men #270

Jim reads 15 more famous covers (11)

While the X-Men were distributed in the late 1980s, the original five X-Men continued to act as the X factor and the mysterious mutant cable led the new mutants. All these different wires of the plot merged with the "entrance scheduleX ".The first intersection of the X-Men of the 1990s. With the work of Jim Lee, Chris Claremont, Louise Simonson, Rob Liefeld and Jon Bogdanove, the story followed teams X when he fought the season of the season's island seasonInsular.

Jim reads 15 more famous covers (12)
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In the first edition of this crossover, "Undanny X-Men" #270, 1990, the X-Man Havok reappeared after a long absence as a mutant hunting magistrate at Geneshan.Topic, you can see how Havok destroys the title of the book with a pile of unconscious mutants to his feet. If it was not the first time a character attacks the X-Men logo, Havok's attack has the visualized destruction of the status quo, which is part of the famous teams X-Men, X-Force and X-Factor since the early 1990s.

9 Infinite Crisis # 1

Jim reads 15 more famous covers (13)

For 2005, Jim Lee was firmly rooted in the DC line of publications. Any number of successful miniseries"Endless crisis."In this influential frequency of Geoff Johns, Phil Jiménez and several other artists, the Hauptdc universe has been gently restarted and the concept of the DC multiverse is introduced.

Jim reads 15 more famous covers (14)

On Jim Lee's cover for the 2005 #1 "infinite crisis", Batman, Wonder Woman and Super -Man have a pose because several enemies and allies are accepted in the background.A slow tendency to capture DC heroes in its most emblematic form. Sociologists have chosen superheroes as modern mythological characters for years, and Lee's work in this cover produces the most visual properties of heroes.

8 X-Men Anual #1

Jim reads 15 more famous covers (15)

In 1991, Jim Lee and Chris Claremont wrote the history of comics starting "X-Men", with the second monthly title with the main team of Marvel Mutants.and the base "X-Men: The Animated Series". Although Claremont's creative differences showed after a few numbers, Lee remained in the book by 12 numbers before entering the comics to start

Jim reads 15 more famous covers (16)

This era of the X-Men was characterized by Lee's energetic works of art and his famous X-fantasies. This cover shows the blue team of the X-Men, which practically jumps on the side. This image shows yellow and blues shared on the costumeEach team member and presents the X-Men as ultra-school superheroes. Although the "Hbishershot" crossover in Mojo, which started in the book, this photo was completed regularly in the 90s.

7 Superman #205

Jim reads 15 more famous covers (17)

Jim Lee and Brian Azzarello took care of "Superman" for the story "for tomorrow" in 2004.This story concentrated that the story finally led to the ghost zone and an alternative reality general zod, its most reflective tone from reaching the exciting maximof "silence".

Jim reads 15 more famous covers (18)
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In "Superman" #205 of 2004, Superman traces the source of the disappearance of a region that is destroyed by the war in the Middle East and travels there, with each artificial weapon and weapon being confiscated within 300 miles.With Alex Sinclair's Scott Williams and Colors, he represents a super -man who was not concerned with balls and bombs that explore around him. When this image emphasizes the conceptual purity and power of the super -humme against realistic weapons of war byThe character's immense power. If it is very implicit here, Superman's darkest side looked at the center of the stage in the "infinite crisis" and was a large part of Super -man's films in Zack Snyder.

6 Wolverine #24

Jim reads 15 more famous covers (19)

Although Jim Lee has never arisen from the problem of the Wolverine Solo series, he still had many ways to attract the frightening mutant of Frank Castle.

Jim reads 15 more famous covers (20)

Jim Lee also attracted a handful of coverage for Logan's solo series, including 1990 #24 Wolverine's atmospheric cover.Madrid island. Lee's cover blends with a dark alley that is against the city's neon landscape. The character went to the late 1980s.

5 Wildc.a.t.s #1

Jim reads 15 more famous covers (21)

After Jim Lee needed the co -finishing painting in 1992, he created the Wildstorm Universe with"Wildc.a.t.s"#1.This universe would eventually grow for critical or commercial hits, such as "Gen 13", "Sleepper" and "The Authority", has its roots in the debut of the disguised campaign teams.-If in super -heroes like Spartan, Grifter and Zealot, while fighting between the kherubim and the demons in the earthly front of an ancient interstellar war.

Jim reads 15 more famous covers (22)

With the paints and colors of Joe Rosas Scott Williams, Lee's cover for "Wildc.a.t.s" #1, the over-the-day exaggerated aesthetics of the early nineties captures a reader perfectly to risk this new world.This cover achieves this goal without problems, synthesizing the greatest trends of time in an image in which each character has a different visual identity that touches the gender conventions of superheroes.

4 Superman #204

Jim reads 15 more famous covers (23)

Following the huge success of Jim Lee's career in "Batman", hisdynamic's designs for man of steel saw as a perfect combination of complete action was an ideal container for redefining Superman for the 21st century, while the plot of"For tomorrow" only hot reviews received, Lee's art praised that he appeared at Superman as a cultural test stone.

Jim reads 15 more famous covers (24)

On the cover of "Superman" #204, 2004, Lee presents his Superman version with one of the character's most emblematic images in the last two decades.which was bathed in the golden sunlight. The thin and clean line of Lee takes Superman in its most heroic, more determined but more hopeful form. And Sinclair's animated colors clearly play as a superhero -type figure.

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3 Excanny X-Men #268

Jim reads 15 more famous covers (25)

In 1996, Marvel Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld and some other image creators stopped revitalizing some of her characters who, such as the Avengers and Fantastic Four, fail. Although Lee Hart in "Fantastic Four" and "Iron Man" have worked,He only pulled a few cover with Captain America. Although Energy Physicality and the clear lines of Lees Kunst are perfect for Avenger, Lee's most famous work came with the character in "Undanny X-Men" 1990 #268.

Jim reads 15 more famous covers (26)

In 1941, a young black widow closed by hand to this edition of Chris Claremont, Captain America and Wolverine, while Logan, Jubilee and Psychocke know them in the current Madrido.com Scott Williams and Colorful Paints of Glynis Oliver, the cover, the cover,The cover, cover, cover, cover, wolverine and the book's two guest stars on a swoop in a Wolverine, which is currently the Will Will Will fall into action.

2 Batman #608

Jim reads 15 more famous covers (27)

Although Jim Lee could be an integral part of DC Comics today, he was able to avoid the company while doing his work, which defined time at Marvel and the image in the 90s. I even bought only according to DC in 1998, after DC, Lee only contributed to this.Some covers for DC's main universe books. When he read, he finally took on a regular task like a "Batman" -?

Jim reads 15 more famous covers (28)

Read Batman for the modern era with some of the best works in its historical history with the cover of the variant "Batman on Gotham" A "Batman" #608 2002. With Scott Williams and Colors by Alex Sinclair, Alex Sinclair, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, LeeBatman as a dark protector overlooking Gotham City. In another artist, kinetic mobility or disturbing properties of Batman highlighted, Lee Batman has a force with the barrel's chest. In the next decade, this physicality would help to inform and defineThe character for the character, the film trilogy "Dark Knight" and the "Arkham Asylum" video game franchise.

1 X-Men #1

Jim reads 15 more famous covers (29)

After a quarter of a century, "X-Men" #1 of Jim Lee and Chris Claremont remains the best selling comic from modern times.Title of the X-Men has this record in the near future. After his success in "Uncannanny X-Men", Lee and Claremont defined the X-Men and the 90s with this monumental problem, in which the huge mutated team was shared in teamsof blue and gold and magnet confronted.

Jim reads 15 more famous covers (30)

In a brilliant marketing movement, the Lees could only collect the size of the problem size for the problem.The first wholesale of X-Men.com Scott Williams and Colors, by Joe Rosas, this cover Lee showed redesigned costumes for the team. From his dynamic and energetic campaign for his big and iconic characters, this cover captured Jim Lee's best qualitiesincomparably in a single image.

Pay attention to CBR to get everything in the next Jim Lee projects! Let you know what your favorite is -jim Lee -Cover in the comments below!

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