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Install Unity from the command line

This page lists the minimum system requirements needed to run Unity 2021 LTS on all supported platforms.

  1. System requirements for the Unity editor
    • Unity Publisher Platform Limitations
  2. Unity player system requirements
    • mobile phone, mobile phone
    • consoleAbbreviation ofgame console
      To see inglossary
    • Workplace
    • stages
    • server platform
    • web platforms
    • Plataforma XR
      • oculus
      • OpeningXR
      • Windows Mixed Reality
      • magic jump
      • ARCore
      • ARKitComentario
    • Other requirements

System requirements for the Unity editor

This section lists the minimum requirements to run the Unity editor. Actual performance and rendering quality may vary depending on the complexity of your project.

minimum requirementsVentanaMacOSlinux
operating system versionWindows 7 (SP1+), Windows 10 and Windows 11, 64-bit versions only.High Sierra 10.13+ (Editor Intel)
Big Sur 11.0 (Editor Apple Silicon)
Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 18.04 and CentOS 7
UPCX64 architecture with support for SSE2 instruction setX64 architecture with support for SSE2 instruction set (Intel processors)
Apple M1 or higher (Apple silicon-based processors)
X64 architecture with support for SSE2 instruction set
graphics APIGPU compatibles con DX10, DX11 y DX12Metal compatible Intel and AMD GPUsGPUs that support OpenGL 3.2+ or Vulkan, Nvidia and AMD.
Additional requirementsDrivers officially supported by the hardware vendorOfficial Apple Compatible Drivers (Intel Processor)
Rosetta 2 is required for Apple silicon devices running on Apple or Intel silicon versions of the Unity editor.
Gnome desktop environment running on an X11 windowed system, an official Nvidia proprietary graphics driver or an AMD Mesa graphics driver. Other configuration and user environment according to inventory with compatible distribution (Kernel, Composer, etc.)
For all operating systems, Unity Editor is compatible with workstations or laptops and runs without emulation, containers, or a compatibility layer.

Unity Publisher Platform Limitations

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On macOS, the secondary editor windows are only maximized and not full screen.

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Apple silicon devices

Apple Silicon Editor has the following limitations:

  • Downloading and installing Apple Silicon Editor via Unity Hub is only possible via Hub version 3.0 Beta 6 or later, with some limitations in 3.0 Beta 6. For more information, seeHub-Versions shinweise:
    • To switch to the latest beta version of the hub, change "Channel" to "Beta" in "Settings" > "Advanced" or download it again
  • If you are using Hub 2.4.5 and want to use Apple Silicon Editor: Uninstall the Apple Intel version, download and run the standalone installer for Unity Editor (Apple Silicon). find it through the center.
  • Apple's native silicon editor does not support a CPU light mapper
  • Native Apple Silicon Editor does not support SketchUp import


The following limitations apply to the Linux editor:

  • Video import is limited to VP8 video format
  • File systems are case sensitive

Unity player system requirements

This section lists the minimum requirements to build and run Unity Player. Actual performance and rendering quality may vary depending on the complexity of your project.

mobile phone, mobile phone

work systemAndroidiOSApple's mobile operating system.More information
To see inglossary
execution5.1 (API22)+
Custom versions of Android must include all supported standard Google APIs.
UPCARMv7 with Neon (32-bit) or ARM64 supportA7 SoC+A8 SoC+
graphics APIOpenGL ES 2.0+, 3.0+, Vulkan
supervision: Support for OpenGL ES 2.0 is deprecated.
Additional requirements- 1GB + memoria
- Supported hardware devices must meet or exceed Google's definition of Android compatibility (Version 9.0) limited to the following types of devices:
1. Portable (section 2.2)
2. Television (Section 2.3)
3. Pills (Section 2.6)
- The hardware must run the Android operating system natively. With the exception of Android for Chrome OS, Android does not support a container or emulator.
- For development: Android SDK (10/API 29), Android NDK (r21d) and OpenJDK, which are installed by defaultunit center.
For development and debugging: See the Apple documentation atX code support.

For submissions to the App Store: see Apple'sShipping Guidelinesfor the required version of Xcode.

Apple TV 4. Generation+


For information on PlayStation 4 (including PS VR), PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X, and Nintendo Switch, see the Console section.multiplatform page. Only Windows versions of Unity are supported for building on console platforms. For specific requirements for any additional platform-specific software needed, see the developer documentation on the platform owner's website or contact your platform representative directly for more information.

For specific Unity Editor system requirements, see the version of Unity you are using in theUnity-Downloadseite.

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work systemVentanaUniversal Windows PlatformAn IAP feature supported by Microsoft's in-app purchase simulator that allows you to test IAP purchase flows on devices before launching your app.More information
To see inglossary
operating system versionWindows 7 (SP1+), Windows 10 y Windows 11Windows 10+, XBox Serie X|S, HoloLensHighSierra 10.13+Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 18.04 and CentOS 7
UPCx86, x64 architecture with support for SSE2 instruction set.x86, x64 architecture with support for SSE2, ARM, and ARM64 instruction sets.Apple Silicon, arquitectura x64 con SSE2.x64 architecture with support for SSE2 instruction set.
graphics APICompatible con DX10, DX11, DX12.GPU compatibles con DX10, DX11 y DX12.Metal compatible Intel and AMD GPUsOpenGL 3.2+, compatible con Vulkan.
Additional requirementsOfficially supported drivers from the hardware manufacturer.
For development: IL2CPP script backend requires Visual Studio 2015 with C++ Tools component or higher and Windows 10+ SDK.
Officially supported drivers from the hardware manufacturer.
For development: Windows 10+ (64-bit), Visual Studio 2015 with C++ Tools component or higher, and Windows 10+ SDK.
Drivers officially supported by Apple.
For development: the IL2CPP script backend requires Xcode. Targeting Apple Silicon with the IL2CPP script backend requires macOS Catalina 10.15.4 and Xcode 12.2 or later.
Gnome desktop environment running on the X11 window system
Other configuration and user environment based on inventory with supported distribution (for example, Kernel or Composer)
Nvidia and AMD GPUs using the official Nvidia proprietary graphics driver or AMD Mesa graphics driver.
Unity Player is compatible with all operating systems with workstations, laptops or tablets and runs without emulation, containers or a compatibility layer.


Unity developers interested in bringing games to the Stadia platform must first request development resources atGoogle Stadia Developer Page.

server platform

work systemVentanaMacOSlinux
operating system versionWindows 7 (SP1+), Windows 10 and Windows 11 running in workstation and rack form factors, with no emulation or compatibility layer.High Sierra 10.13+ runs on workstations and rack form factors with no emulation or compatibility layer.Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 18.04, and CentOS 7 running on workstations and rack form factors, with no emulation or compatibility layer.
UPCx86, x64 architecture with support for SSE2 instruction set.x64 architecture with support for SSE2 instruction set.x64 architecture with support for SSE2 instruction set.
chart chartNo explicit GPU support.
Additional requirementsOfficially supported drivers from the hardware manufacturer.


Operating system on which browsers runWindows, macOS y Linux
HardwareWorkstation and laptop form factors.
Additional requirementsVersions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge (based on Chromium):
- Compatible con WebGL 1.0 o 2.0
- Complies with HTML 5 standards
- 64 bits
- WebAssembly with compatibility
supervision: WebGL 1.0 support is deprecated.

XR Platform System Requirements

Make it possibleXRA generic term that includes Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) applications. Devices that support these forms of interactive applications may be referred to as XR devices.More information
To see inglossary
and configure your Unity project correctly, follow the steps described inArquitectura Macht Plug-in XRpage of book.


HardwareOculus Rift/Rift SOculus-QuestOculus-Quest 2
operating system versionwindows 10+Android
UPCSee recommended Oculus specs.ARM de 64 bits (Snapdragon 835)ARM de 64 bits (Snapdragon XR2)
chart chartSee recommended Oculus specs.NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti/AMD Radeon RX 470 o superior
graphics APIDX11OpenGL ES 3.0, Vulkan*

supervision: Vulkan compatibility with Oculus Quest is an experimental feature and should not be used in production. See Oculus XR Add-on for more information.Package documentation.


Watch theOpenXR Add-onDocumentation for a list of supported runtimes.

Windows Mixed Reality

HardwareWMR immersive (VR)HoloLensGenericNameHoloLens 2
operating system versionWindows 10 RS4+Windows 10+ Integrated
UPCIntel de 64 bitsIntel-atomARM de 64 bits
(Lowenmaul 850)
graphics APIDX11

magic jump

work systemmagic jump one
operating system versionbright operating system
UPCSee the Magic Leap specifications.
chart chartSee the Magic Leap specifications.
graphics APIOpenGL ES 3.2+


work systemandroid phones
operating system versionSee list ofARCore Compatible Devices.
UPCARM de 32 bits y 64 bits
graphics APIOpenGL ES 3.0+
Latest supported SDK versionARCore 1.24


work systemiPhone y iPad
operating system versioniOS 12
graphics APIMetal
Latest supported SDK versionARKit 5
Additional requirementsYou must use Xcode 12.5 or later when building an iOS player that includes the ARKit XR plugin.

More notes on system requirements

For any Unity editor or player supported on Windows 7, please note that Microsoft support for Windows 7 ended after January 14, 2020.

(Video) How to use Unity's Input System

install drive

Install Unity from the command line

(Video) Controlling Cross-Platform Characters with Unity Input System | Tutorial


What specs are required to run Unity? ›

Hardware Requirements
Minimum RequirementsWindows
Operating System VersionWindows 7 (SP1+) and Windows 10, 64-bit versions only.
CPUX64 architecture with SSE2 instruction set support (Intel Core i5 or better)
Graphics APIDX10, DX11, and DX12-capable GPUs (NVidia or AMD)
Free Disk Space80GB of free disk space

Is 16GB RAM enough for Unity? ›

Yes, you can do game development with either engine on that laptop, but if the memory is accessible on your laptop, I would recommend upgrading it to 16GB when you can.

How much RAM does Unity use? ›

How much RAM is recommended for Unity? The minimum RAM that we would recommend for Unity is 32GB, upgrading to more memory if you're working with large projects or multiple applications at once.

Is Unity 2021 LTS stable? ›

Unity 2021 LTS provides a stable foundation for projects that are in production or about to ship. Unity 2021.3 LTS stream release has the same feature set as the 2021.2 Tech stream release.

What CPU is best for Unity? ›

What is the best CPU for Unity? For most users, the AMD Ryzen 9 7900X 12 Core is a terrific choice. This CPU features 12 cores, and 24 threads, enough to provide good performance for most users. If budget allows, more cores will always help, and the Ryzen 9 7950X 16 Core proves to be a worthy upgrade.

Does Unity need a strong computer? ›

The technical requirements to install the software Unity are a computer with an Intel or AMD processor, 2 GB of RAM, and 8 GB of free hard drive space. The best computer to run the software Unity is a computer with an Intel Core i7 processor, 16 GB of RAM, and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 graphics card.

Is Unity CPU or GPU heavy? ›

All of our own Unity games are almost always CPU-bottlenecked. If we're ever GPU bottlenecked that's usually because we just didn't implement any basic optimization. The problem with Unity is that it's still doing so much on just one CPU thread, while machines often have 8 cores nowadays.

Can I run Unity without graphics card? ›

Just to be clear - You do have a GPU, it's just integrated into the processor. The title is misleading because it's technically possible to run a Unity build without ANY gpu or graphical component (for example if you want to make a server). I would recommend turning your graphics to the lowest setting.

Should Unity be on HDD or SSD? ›

Use SSD for everything and then use the HD for backups. It is all about IOPS. A HD can manage about 100 IOPS. A good SSD can deliver 100,000 IOPS.

Is 32 GB RAM overkill? ›

No, 32GB RAM is not overkill for a computer.

As software and operating systems continue to become more demanding, it's becoming more and more common for people to use computers with that much RAM.

Can you use Unity with 8GB RAM? ›

Short answer yes 8 gb will work for alot of situations. I have an old HP laptop with an i3 and updated to 8gb of ram and an SSD.. It allows me to use visual studios and test small scenes in unity with no issues.

What graphics card is best for Unity? ›

Unity started life predominately as a games development platform and as a result, runs exceptionally well on graphics cards designed with this market in mind. NVIDIA Quadro RTX and AMD Radeon Pro work perfectly well with Unity but do not give you the same bang for your buck as the NVIDIA GeForce counterparts.

Is 32 GB RAM good for Unity? ›

I really can't recommend using anything less than 32 gigs of ram. But it really depends - if you don't ever plan on 'baking' anything, then you can do less than 32 gigs. The high memory count is really only useful for baking and running a ton of programs at once.

Does Unity slow down PC? ›

Unity will slow down your computer if you are currently running Unity. It will not otherwise.

Is Unity LTS better? ›

LTS can be seen as the default version of Unity and is almost always the best option for full production, maintaining live games and even the likes of game jams, where the focus is on productivity and efficiency over exploring technology. "What LTS really means is, of course, 'long term support'.

Do Unity licenses expire? ›

Unity Student plans are valid for one year, after which you need to renew your Student plan to continue taking advantage of the benefits included. Resolution: Important: You can only renew once your current license has expired.

Is 4GB good for Unity? ›

Though you can run many apps(5 apps before ram issues start), 4GB ram isn't enough to run both Unity and VS studio.

Does Unity use a lot of CPU? ›

Unity Editor uses anywhere between 70-100% of my CPU power and forces my laptop fans to run at full power. This drops down to 20% or less when I actually run the game or if I click one of the items in the menu bar (File, Edit, etc.)

Can a normal laptop run Unity? ›

Can I run Unity 3D for game development on laptop with a core i3 processor and 4 GB RAM? Yes, you certainly can!

Can Unity run on a Chromebook? ›

Unity supports the same multi-window features as Android for tablets and Chromebooks.

Can my laptop handle Unity? ›

In terms of game file size, you will need at least 500 MB of free disk space available. By contrast, the game developers recommend somewhere around 1 GB of free disk space on your system drive. An Intel Pentium 4 2.00GHz CPU is required at a minimum to run Unity Testing Grounds.

How do I make Unity run smoother? ›

CPU optimization
  1. Combine close objects together, either manually or using Unity's draw call batching.
  2. Use fewer materials in your objects by putting separate textures into a larger texture atlas.
  3. Use fewer things that cause objects to be rendered multiple times (such as reflections, shadows and per-pixel lights).

What are the limitations of Unity engine? ›

Unity's Asset Store has its limitations

Unity has a huge catalog of user-friendly assets, but quantity doesn't ensure quality. Remarkably, some important assets like game scripts may face problems whenever Unity updates its engine. Furthermore, Unity lacks a bit in supply when it comes to high-polygon 3D assets.

How do I optimize performance in Unity? ›

  1. Split up your Canvases. ...
  2. Limit Graphic Raycasters and disable Raycast Target. ...
  3. Avoid the expensive UI Elements. ...
  4. Avoid using layout groups when possible. ...
  5. Object Pooling is a great way to optimize your UI but make sure you do it in the right way. ...
  6. The UI Canvas Component in Unity. ...
  7. Optimal use of animators on UI Elements.

How much hard drive space do I need for Unity? ›

This process should only be used to install Unity on a school computer. Administrative permissions are required to install the software. Note that the installation will require roughly 2 GB of hard drive space and will take some time to download, based on the speed of your internet connection.

Do games run slower on HDD than SSD? ›

SSDs work without moving parts, giving them an advantage over HDDs. Games launch and levels load faster when installed on an SSD. SSDs provide a smoother experience in games that stream assets from storage.

Does it matter if my game is on SSD or HDD? ›

SSDs generally outperform HDDs in gaming by excelling in key performance metrics like random read/write speeds as well as overall reliability.

Is DDR4 better than DDR5? ›

If you choose the more affordable DDR4, you'll get relatively good performance at an affordable price. However, you can expect that newer software and games will take advantage of the faster speed and higher capacity of DDR5 RAM. Because of that, you'll want to upgrade to DDR5 later.

Do any games use more than 16GB RAM? ›

You will also be able to run applications in the background without affecting gameplay. Games such as Call of Duty Warzone and Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) recommend playing with 16GB RAM.
World of Warcraft:91 FPS
Call of Duty Warzone:69 FPS
Apex Legends:135 FPS
Fortnite:108 FPS

Will RAM improve FPS? ›

RAM can improve frame rates and frame pacing when playing games. Check both capacity and speed when choosing RAM. Know the difference between form factors like DIMM and SO-DIMM. Get at least 16GB of RAM to play modern games, and more if you multitask.

Is 16GB better than 32GB RAM for gaming? ›

What's A Good RAM For Gaming? To have a fast and smooth gaming experience, 32GB of RAM is usually recommended. With this much RAM, you'll be able to experiment with different games and have more minor problems with latency and stuttering. At the very least, 16GB is a solid place to start for most games.

Should I get 16GB or 32GB RAM? ›

16GB and 32GB are more than enough for most computing tasks. For many, 32GB will be a waste of money as much of the memory would go unused. However, if you run advanced design or audiovisual applications or play FPS games, 32GB RAM is worth considering.

Does Unity use lots of RAM? ›

While it's possible it's a memory leak Unity can be very memory hungry at times. With how many assets you have in that project I'm surprised you're not seeing far more than a few gigabytes. I just started a build process and Unity went from a few gigabytes to nearly 13 GB.

Does adding more RAM make your computer faster? ›

More RAM Means Better Speed

Adding more RAM to your computer is bound to speed it up more than any other upgrade you might make. This is because the most popular apps that run on Microsoft Windows are resource hogs. Running two or more applications simultaneously makes them compete for the digital workspace.

Do Unity games run better when built? ›

yeah the built game is running faster than in editor.

Can any computer run Unity? ›

Additional requirements

Windows, macOS and Linux all support the Unity Editor on workstations or laptop form factors running without emulation, container or compatibility layer.

Does Unity run at 60fps? ›

The latest analysis reveals that Assassin's Creed: Unity can run at 60 frames per second on the Xbox Series X.

Which Unity version should I use 2021? ›

Unity 2020.3 LTS or 2021.3 LTS (Recommended)

We recommend that you use the latest patch version of Unity 2020.3 LTS or 2021.3 LTS and their recommended version of Unity plugins, together with the latest Mixed Reality OpenXR plugin.

What is LTS in Unity? ›

Long Term Support (LTS)

This is our default release, and it's recommended for creators who are about to lock in production on a specific version of Unity.

Is 4GB graphics card enough for Unity? ›

The 4GB of RAM will be short for Unity AND Visual Studio at the same time but it will work. But you will be limited to 2D or low poly 3D. The performances of your PC are the same when you create games and when you play games. If it can't run heavy 3D games, you won't be able to create heavy 3D games.

What version of .NET does Unity 2021 use? ›

Unity recommends . NET Standard 2.1 for new projects.

Should I use LTS version of Unity? ›

LTS version is supported for 2 years. It is useful if you make a big complex game that you can really only trust to run on the version it was made and released on. Then you can keep using the same version several years to make updates and fixes to your game, while receiving bugfixes from Unity to that old version.

Is LTS more stable? ›

With LTS, you can be sure that your software will have the latest security patches and updates for a much more extended period. In addition, fewer changes are made to LTS versions, thereby preventing regressions and making LTS versions more stable.

What is LTS operating system? ›

September 2022) Long-term support (LTS) is a product lifecycle management policy in which a stable release of computer software is maintained for a longer period of time than the standard edition.

Is LTS free? ›

LTS releases get free support and patches for 3 years. STS releases get free support and patches for 18 months. Within a release's support lifecycle, systems must remain current on released patch updates.

What GPU is recommended for Unity? ›

The best computer to run the software Unity is a computer with an Intel Core i7 processor, 16 GB of RAM, and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 graphics card.

Is Unity still free 2021? ›

However, Unity isn't, technically, a free program, it's a paid program, with a free plan. Unlike tools and software that are provided on a truly free, open-source basis, Unity is, instead, licensed to you via the Unity Personal plan.

What is the current stable version of Unity? ›

Download Unity 2022.1

Get Unity 2022.1 from the Unity Hub – our tool to help you manage Unity Editor installations, create new projects, and access your work, all in one place.

What changed in Unity 2021? ›

Unity 2021 LTS delivers powerful improvements to programming workflows, upgraded rendering and optimization capabilities, and improved platform support to help you realize your creative ambitions. This release prioritizes quality, productivity, and performance for any device, genre, or artistic style.


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