Meet the Generac Holdings Board of Directors (2023)

Generac Holdings is a leader in the emergency power industry, but it could not achieve this status on its own. This is largely due to the Board of Directors, who have worked tirelessly to take the company to even greater heights. The purpose of this article is to introduce you to Generac Holdings board members, their roles, responsibilities, backgrounds and how they have contributed to the company's success over the years.

About Generac Holdings

Generac Holdings is a Wisconsin-based company specializing in emergency power systems, including generators, transfer switches and power storage solutions for residential and commercial properties. Founded in 1959 by Robert Kern, the company has continued to expand its services over time to meet the growing demand for reliable backup power systems.

Generac Holdings has established itself as a leader in the emergency power industry with a wide range of products to suit different needs and budgets. Known for their durability, efficiency and ease of use, the company's generators come in a variety of sizes and fuel types for different applications. Generac's transmission switches and power storage solutions are also highly regarded, providing homes and businesses with seamless, reliable transmission and backup power options.

History of Generac Holdings Corporation

Generac Holdings has a rich history. When Robert Kern founded the company in 1959, it was a small business that only made portable generators. However, as the need for emergency power solutions grew, so did Generac's service offerings. Today, the company has a wide range of products, including commercial and industrial generators and energy storage systems, among others.

Generac Holdings has come a long way since its inception. In 2012, the company was successfully listed and listed on the New York Stock Exchange. With this move, Generac is expanding its reach and investing in new technologies such as clean energy solutions and smart home automation.

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Today Generac Holdings is a leading global provider of emergency power solutions with offices in more than 150 countries. The company's commitment to innovation and sustainability has earned it many accolades and accolades, including being named one of the World's Most Ethical Companies by the Ethisphere Institute for five consecutive years.

Understanding the role of the board of directors

The board of directors is an important institution for any company striving for long-term growth and success. The members of this body are elected to represent the interests of all shareholders and work for the general good of the company. The board of directors appoints the chief executive officer, who runs the day-to-day operations of the company and ensures that the company adheres to the values ​​and principles set out in it.

Another important task of the Executive Board is to set the strategic direction for the company. You are responsible for setting company goals and making sure the company is moving in the right direction. The board of directors also reviews and approves the company's annual budget and monitors the company's financial performance.

In addition, the Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring the company's compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements. They oversee a company's risk management practices and ensure that the company has systems in place to identify and manage risks. Boards of directors also play an important role in maintaining a company's reputation and public image by ensuring that the company acts in an ethical and socially responsible manner.

The Importance of Diversity on the Generac Holdings Board of Directors

Diversity is an important aspect of any organization that wants to drive growth and success. For this reason, Generac Holdings' Board of Directors is comprised of individuals with unique skills and experiences. A diverse board can improve decision-making and encourage innovative problem-solving.

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Additionally, board diversity reflects the company's commitment to inclusion and equality. It conveys the message to employees, customers and stakeholders that the company values ​​diversity and is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment. This in turn increases employee satisfaction, customer loyalty and brand reputation.

Board Member Profiles

Generac Holdings' board of directors consists of ten members, each with different skills and experience. The Board of Directors is chaired by David J. Keller, retired vice president and chief financial officer of St. Jude Medical, Inc. Over 30 years of experience in areas such as corporate governance and strategic planning.

In addition to the above directors, Generac Holdings has two independent directors: York A. Ragen, who has extensive investment banking and private equity experience, and Aaron Jagdfeld, who is also Generac Holdings' Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Board members work closely with the leadership team to ensure that the company's strategic goals are met while taking into account the interests of all stakeholders.

Management style and background of board members

Generac Holdings' board members come from diverse leadership styles and backgrounds. Some members have held high-level positions in many companies, and some members have achieved extraordinary success in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation. The Board of Directors has extensive experience and the ability to drive businesses to growth and profitability.

Additionally, board members come from a variety of industries, including technology, finance and manufacturing. This variety of backgrounds allows for a holistic view of business decisions and strategies. In addition, the Board encourages open communication and collaboration among its members, thereby fostering a culture of teamwork and mutual respect. This approach has resulted in successful partnerships and initiatives that benefit the company and its stakeholders.

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Responsibilities and Duties of Board Members

The primary responsibility of the Generac Holdings Board of Directors is to provide oversight and strategic direction to the CEO and leadership team. They ensure that companies comply with corporate governance principles, regulatory requirements and accountability to shareholders. The board also approves the company's strategic direction, budget and significant capital expenditures.

In addition to these duties, Board members are responsible for evaluating and selecting the CEO, setting executive compensation, and overseeing the company's financial performance. They must also ensure that the company's operations are conducted in an ethical and socially responsible manner, taking into account the impact on employees, customers and the environment. Board members must also stay abreast of industry trends and developments and make decisions that ensure the company's long-term competitiveness and profitability.

The challenges facing Generac Holdings and the board's response

Like any other company, Generac Holdings has faced many challenges over the years. However, the board has always acted quickly and decisively to address these challenges. For example, the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has caused supply chain disruptions and economic uncertainty. The Board of Directors takes proactive measures to protect the company's supply chain and promote employee safety. This keeps Generac Holdings profitable with continued revenue growth.

Another challenge for Generac Holdings was the increasing competition in the market. The board responded by investing heavily in research and development to create innovative products that differentiate the company from its competitors. This strategy paid off as Generac Holdings was able to introduce new products that were popular with customers and helped the company maintain its market share.

In addition, Generac Holdings faces sustainability and environmental impact challenges. In response, the board implemented a sustainability plan focused on reducing the company's carbon footprint and promoting renewable energy. The program not only helps the company become greener, but also attracts customers who are increasingly concerned about sustainability. This enabled Generac Holdings to attract new customers and strengthen its reputation as a socially responsible company.

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The future direction of Generac Holdings under the direction of the Board of Directors

Thanks to its dedicated and experienced Board of Directors, Generac Holdings sees a bright future. The Board of Directors continues to guide the company to continued growth and profitability by investing in new technologies, expanding capacity and capitalizing on emerging trends in the energy sector. Under the direction of the Board of Directors, Generac Holdings is expected to remain a leader in the emergency power industry for many years to come.

In summary, Generac Holdings' board of directors is an important player in the company's growth and success. Their diverse skills, backgrounds and experiences help drive the company to continued growth and profitability. The Board continues to set strategic direction, ensure compliance with corporate governance principles and create long-term value for all stakeholders.

One of the key areas of focus for the Generac Holdings Board of Directors is sustainability. The Board of Directors recognizes the importance of reducing the company's environmental impact and has implemented several initiatives to achieve this goal. This includes investing in renewable energy sources, reducing waste and emissions and promoting energy efficient products.

Another focus of the board is innovation. The energy industry is constantly evolving and the Board strives to stay at the forefront through investment in research and development. This includes exploring new technologies, such as energy storage and microgrids, and developing new products and services to meet changing customer needs.


How much does the CEO of Generac make? ›

His total yearly compensation is $6.81M , comprised of 15.3% salary and 84.7% bonuses, including company stock and options. He directly owns 0.99% of the company's shares, worth $79.73M. The average tenure of the management team and the board of directors is 2.6 years and 9.3 years respectively.

What is Generac holding? ›

Generac Holdings Inc. designs, manufactures, and sells power generation equipment, energy storage systems, energy management devices and solutions, and other power products for the residential, light commercial, and industrial markets worldwide.

Who is Generac owned by? ›

Generac Holdings Inc (NYSE:GNRC)
Mutual fund holders52.28%
Other institutional37.34%
Individual stakeholders3.15%

What is the backlog of Generac generators? ›

Generac is facing record backlogs of over $1 billion for their home standby generators. Increased manufacturing capacity to meet demand should drive significant top-line growth for FY22 and well into FY23. Minimal capital expenditure and robust demand will drive significant cash flow to reward shareholders.

How much is Generac being sued for? ›

A Pennsylvania-based electronic equipment supplier on Friday sued Generac Power Systems Inc. in state and federal courts in the first of what it says will be a series of lawsuits aiming to collect payment for $44 million in generator parts that the Waukesha company ordered but no longer wants.

How much debt does Generac have? ›

Generac Holdings long term debt for the quarter ending March 31, 2023 was $1.527B, a 52.33% increase year-over-year. Generac Holdings long term debt for 2022 was $1.369B, a 51.77% increase from 2021. Generac Holdings long term debt for 2021 was $0.902B, a 7.17% increase from 2020.

Why is Generac stock doing so poorly? ›

Lower-than-projected sales resulted in higher dealer inventories for standby-power company Generac. The second half of the year isn't going as well as standby-power company Generac Holdings expected. Channel inventories are hurting sales, and that is crushing shares.

Will Generac stock recover? ›

Stock Price Forecast

The 19 analysts offering 12-month price forecasts for Generac Holdings Inc have a median target of 145.00, with a high estimate of 185.00 and a low estimate of 85.00. The median estimate represents a +1.75% increase from the last price of 142.50.

What is the future of Generac stock? ›

Average Price Target

Based on 14 Wall Street analysts offering 12 month price targets for Generac Holdings in the last 3 months. The average price target is $134.77 with a high forecast of $169.00 and a low forecast of $85.00.

Is Generac a Chinese company? ›

Generac Holdings Inc., commonly referred to as Generac (derived from a combination of generating and AC), is a Fortune 1000 American manufacturer of backup power generation products for residential, light commercial and industrial markets.

Did Generac get bought out? ›

In late 2006, Generac was purchased by CCMP Capital of New York. Aaron Jagdfeld was appointed president and chief executive officer in September, 2008 and is the current CEO.

Where is Generac headquarters? ›

Image of Where is Generac headquarters?
Waukesha is the county seat of Waukesha County, Wisconsin, United States. It is part of the Milwaukee metropolitan area. Its population was 71,158 at the 2020 census. The city is adjacent to the Village of Waukesha.

What is the lifespan of a Generac? ›

Although there are many variables, Generac backup generators have an average of 3000 lifespan operating hours. This means you have a good margin for obtaining over 30 years of backup generator operation.

How long is the wait for a Generac generator? ›

Estimated lead time is 14 business days or sooner for shipment for in-stock product. Various models have extended lead times please call your Inside Sales Rep. for further information.Call for Lead Times

What is the failure rate of Generac generators? ›

Third party studies have found the average standby generator system within the market has a reliability of around 99 percent.

Is Generac out of business? ›

The Wauwatosa-based company filed for bankruptcy in 2020.

Have Generac shares been decimated down from $500 to the $100 level? ›

Generac Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:GNRC) shares have been absolutely decimated and now barely trade above the $100 level. This represents a huge plunge from the 52-week high of just over $500 per share.

How much is the most expensive Generac? ›

Generac home generator prices and installation cost average $8,700, but it can range from $6,500 to even $10,900 and more. Price is for a completely installed system including the generator and transfer switch.

Is Generac a good stock to buy now? ›

Generac has received a consensus rating of Hold. The company's average rating score is 2.29, and is based on 11 buy ratings, 9 hold ratings, and 4 sell ratings.

Who is Generac largest creditor? ›

The largest secured creditor is JP Morgan Chase Bank's specialty credits group at $80.6 million.

How much does it cost to run a Generac for a day? ›

Depending on the price of natural gas, it shouldn't cost more than $5 or $10 per month to run the unit in exercise mode. During a power outage, under 50% load expect to pay around $20-$40/day for gas usage.

What is better than Generac? ›

In the Kohler vs Generac generators debate, we have a clear favorite – and that's Kohler. We've helped businesses and homeowners alike achieve peace of mind knowing they've got a reliable source of backup power for over two decades now.

How many factories does Generac have? ›

Facility Locations

Generac has five locations in Wisconsin, all within driving distance of professional sports teams, cultural experiences, outdoor activities, music festivals and other exciting events.

Are Generac safe? ›

A Generac Generator Is Safe and Reliable

Generac generators are designed and installed in compliance with all local codes, including fire, electrical and construction. This helps eliminate risks and maximize safety.

What is the stock price forecast for Generac in 2024? ›

On average, Wall Street analysts predict that Generac Holdings's share price could reach $145.86 by May 17, 2024. The average Generac Holdings stock price prediction forecasts a potential upside of 13.18% from the current GNRC share price of $128.87.

Will Generac work if power grid goes out? ›

By installing a Generac Automatic Standby Generator, your home stays powered no matter what happens to the grid. You don't have to worry about your life being thrown for a loop. In fact, you can stay in your home, comfortable and secure.

How long will Generac run after power is restored? ›

A Generac home backup generator senses a power outage, turns on automatically, and delivers backup power to your home. It will run until utility power returns - whether that's two hours or two weeks.

What is the 5 year forecast for Generac? ›

Generac Holdings Inc quote is equal to 128.785 USD at 2023-06-23. Based on our forecasts, a long-term increase is expected, the "GNRC" stock price prognosis for 2028-06-14 is 189.797 USD. With a 5-year investment, the revenue is expected to be around +47.38%. Your current $100 investment may be up to $147.38 in 2028.

Is GNRC overvalued? ›

GNRC's valuation metrics are weak at its current price due to a overvalued PEG ratio despite strong growth. GNRC's PE and PEG are worse than the market average resulting in a below average valuation score. Click Here to get the full Report on Generac Holdings Inc. (GNRC) stock.

What will Generac run? ›

Our Generac home backup generators are designed to run on one fuel source. They are factory set to run on natural gas, however; at the time of installation, your generator can be reconfigured to run on liquid propane.

What brand engine does Generac use? ›

Where is the engine made? – Generac G-FORCE® and OHVI engines are designed and manufactured by Generac Power Systems Inc. at our facilities in Wisconsin.

Is Honeywell owned by Generac? ›

The Generac brand name is very popular among consumers with the firm touting a 60% market share in the residential arena. Generac is also the manufacturer of Centurion and Honeywell generators.

What motors does Generac use? ›

The G-Force engine is the heart of our Home Standby Generators and XC Professional Series Portable Generators.

Who did Generac buy recently? ›

WAUKESHA, Wis. , Nov. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Generac Holdings Inc. (NYSE: GNRC) (“Generac” or the “Company”), a leading global designer and manufacturer of energy technology solutions and other power products, today announced the signing of an agreement to acquire ecobee Inc.

How many employees does Generac have? ›

The number of employees of Generac Holdings has grown substantially over the the time period under consideration. As of December 31, 2021, the company had 9,540 employees, of which 8,955 were full-time employees.

What other companies does Generac own? ›

Generac Holdings Inc. - List of Subsidiaries of Generac Holdings Inc. - EX-21.1 - February 26, 2018
Subsidiaries of the RegistrantState or Other Jurisdiction of Incorporation
CHP Holdings, Inc.Delaware, U.S.
Country Home Products, Inc.Delaware, U.S.
Powermate, LLCDelaware, U.S
MAC Holdings, LLCNorth Dakota, U.S
38 more rows
Feb 26, 2018

Does Generac own Briggs and Stratton? ›

Generac Power Systems, based in Waukesha, Wisconsin in the US, has withdrawn its previously expressed interest in bidding on another Wisconsin-based stalwart, Briggs & Stratton Corp.

Who is the CEO of Generac? ›

Aaron Jagdfeld has served as our President and Chief Executive Officer since September 2008 and as a director since November 2006.

Is Generac a German company? ›

For more information, go to Motortech was founded by the Virchow family in 1988 in Celle, near Hannover, Germany .

Can a Generac generator run 24 hours a day? ›

As long as there is a fuel supply of natural gas or propane, a well-maintained backup generator will keep running. If the Generac generator is running on propane, with a 500-gallon tank, it should run 24 hours a day for over a week. There are 24-hour, 48-hour, and 72-hour tanks available.

How long can a Generac generator run without stopping? ›

Generac standby generators are specifically designed to provide approximately 3,000 hours of use with continuous run times of up to 500 hours.

How often should a Generac battery be replaced? ›

How often should a Generac battery be replaced? Battery replacement every 3 years, non-negotiable. The battery is the most critical point in the system. If the battery is dead, you have nothing to start generator when the power goes out.

Should I turn off my Generac generator at night? ›

Generac recommends shutting units down every 24 hours of operation to check the oil level and air filter. Turn OFF the homes main utility disconnect (located in either the transfer switch or homes breaker box).

Is there a shortage on Generac generators? ›

In a conversation with CNBC, Aaron Jagdfeld, CEO of generator manufacturer Generac, said, “We can't make them fast enough, and we're doing everything we can to supply more product in the market.” According to the company, demand for generators has been high since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

How long should a Generac generator run weekly? ›

The generator runs a self-diagnostic test and runs briefly weekly, bi-weekly or monthly for approximately 5-12 minutes. This test will assure the Generac generator is ready when you need it.

Is there a class action lawsuit against Generac? ›

23-cv-00081 (E.D. Wis.), the Generac class action lawsuit charges Generac and certain of its top executives with violations of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

What is the most common problem with Generac generators? ›

The overwhelming majority of Generac generator failures have to do with an old or damaged battery. Generator batteries should be changed every two years at an absolute minimum. Coolant levels. Low coolant levels will trip a sensor and force the generator into a “no start” state.

Does a Generac increase home value? ›

The short answer is yes. A home generator can increase the value of your home by an estimated 3% to 5%, according to one report.

Is Generac profitable? ›

Generac Holdings net profit margin as of March 31, 2023 is 6.91%.

How much does Generac sell per year? ›

Net sales increased 22% to a record $4.56 billion during 2022 as compared to $3.74 billion in 2021. Core sales, which excludes both the impact of acquisitions and foreign currency, increased approximately 16%. Residential product sales increased 19% to $2.91 billion as compared to $2.46 billion last year.

Is Generac in financial trouble? ›

The company burned $56 million running its operations in the third quarter, compared to generating cash of $74.4 million in the year-ago period. And free cash flow was negative $73.5 million, compared to positive $42.1 million in Q3 2021.

Why is Generac stock declining? ›

Generac Q4 Earnings Beat Estimates

Net sales decreased 2% year over year and came in at $1.05 billion, and missed the consensus mark by 1.8%. The downtick was caused by softness in residential products and continued elevated home standby field inventory levels, which unfavorably impacted orders and shipments.

Are Generac engines made in China? ›

Where is the engine made? – Generac G-FORCE® and OHVI engines are designed and manufactured by Generac Power Systems Inc. at our facilities in Wisconsin.

What is the life expectancy of a Generac? ›

Although there are many variables, Generac backup generators have an average of 3000 lifespan operating hours. This means you have a good margin for obtaining over 30 years of backup generator operation.

How long is the wait for a Generac? ›

Estimated lead time is 14 business days or sooner for shipment for in-stock product. Various models have extended lead times please call your Inside Sales Rep. for further information.Call for Lead Times

What is the average cost to install a Generac generator? ›

Generac home generator prices and installation cost average $8,700, but it can range from $6,500 to even $10,900 and more. Price is for a completely installed system including the generator and transfer switch.

Is a Kohler generator better than a Generac? ›

In terms of generator lifespan, you can expect Kohler models to outlive Generac models. And when it comes to customer service and warranty coverage, Kohler is the clear winner – allowing you to buy a generator with confidence that it'll last for many years to come.

How much does it cost to run a Generac for 24 hours? ›

Depending on the price of natural gas, it shouldn't cost more than $5 or $10 per month to run the unit in exercise mode. During a power outage, under 50% load expect to pay around $20-$40/day for gas usage. A lot cheaper than a hotel room or spoiled food!


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