My future senior finance manager, head of integration at Anaplan (2023)

Senior Finance Manager, head of Anaplan integration
Johnson & Johnson family of companies Phoenix, Arizona 85067

Senior Finance Manager, Leiter der Anaplan-Integration – 2306121333W


Johnson & Johnson hires senior CFO to lead Anaplan integration. This role can be filled at any of J&J's US or EMEA locations. Remote work options may be considered on a case-by-case basis, subject to Company approval.

For more than 130 years, concern for the world has inspired and united Johnson & Johnson employees, one person at a time. We engage in research and science and bring innovative ideas, products and services to advance people's health and well-being.

With 2022 sales of $94.9 billion, Johnson & Johnson is the world's most integrated and diversified healthcare products manufacturer and provider of related services in the consumer, pharmaceutical and medical device markets. Johnson & Johnson has more than 260 operating companies worldwide, employs more than 135,000 people, and its products touch the lives of more than 1 billion people every day. If you have the talent and desire to make a difference in the world, Johnson & Johnson has career opportunities that can help you make it happen.

The Anaplan Integration Lead Senior Finance Manager will provide key leadership to the financial solutions and technology team, supporting Project SigniFi, a multi-year initiative to deliver global standardization, enhanced digital capabilities and process simplification aimed at improving the employee experience and ultimately streamlining of the Understand Johnson & Johnson financial journey.

The Anaplan Integration Lead is expected to lead a team of 1-3 finance professionals/managers and work closely with an extensive team of cross-functional experts. This team will be responsible for managing Anaplan and uploading models and will drive further design, construction, testing and development of these capabilities. They also become business owners of the core security model and ensure that the overall security design is compliant and meets business needs. The Anaplan Product Owner also ensures that the entire architecture is designed and built according to guiding principles and best practices, including development across the user experience to deliver a consistent and better end-user experience. You will also play a key role in integrating DDGR in relation to changes to our data and reporting strategy. All together, Johnson & Johnson offers standardized planning and forecasting functions for the pharmaceutical, medical device and corporate industries.

This individual must leverage a well-established cross-functional toolset that includes business expertise, technical knowledge, and digital acumen to work effectively with a wide range of business stakeholders and projects. Successful candidates must be able to interact and collaborate with project teams at an executive level as well as senior management at a strategic level. Executives must build strong business partnerships between key stakeholders including but not limited to: Business Unit Experts (including Integration, SME and FP&A Leads), FTS, DFIT-OPS, EPM Finance, Datahub Reporting, J&J Technology (JJT) and Central Finance ( CFIN), Data Planning, Project Management, Change, Communication and Training (CC&T), Integration and Delivery Team, Digital Finance and Innovation Team and SigniFi Project Leadership Team.

**Primary responsibility:**

+ Lead and develop a high performing team of 1-3 finance professionals/managers and support their transition to the R3 operating model. Define how this team will operate and interact with key business partners.

+ Own development of the central Anaplan model, administration, central security model (CSM) and upload. Ensuring all builds are to the highest standards and linked to SigniFi strategy and process design. Own test delivery and ensuring that the KT and documentation associated with these models is complete.

+ We worked closely with the delivery team to define general architectural principles to guide our design approach and ensure that all model designs conform to them, defining universal truths and establishing best practice approaches. A focus on consistency across models and long-term sustainability will be key drivers.

+ Develop UX design stake exercises and help design a better and more consistent UX across models by working with the team and defining solutions based on use cases to be leveraged.

+ Acted as a business partner representing Anaplan's DDGR, CFIN and reporting teams and providing feedback to the EP&A team.

+ Obtain Anaplan DRB approval and represent Anaplan in the DRB process to ensure all design DRB requests are in accordance with our policies and are subsequently approved in a timely manner and to ensure required reviews are completed and questions answered. It also presents EP&A views on DRB reviews and examines the impact of non-EP&A DRB requests on the planning environment.

+ Ensure secure development in accordance with SigniFi principles and work closely with the SigniFi User Access team to evaluate any proposed changes and ensure all changes are fully tested and successfully implemented. The business owner of the security SOD file performs the required review and ensures that we are in compliance by building/developing the model.

+ Work closely with TPO to ensure all stories are reviewed as the backlog is refined and we identify, track and optimize interdependencies between SigniFi to ensure E2E integrity and releases are managed in a way that can be used right time of development and that the solution is fully integrated into the overall development process.

+ Develop and deliver project presentations for business prospects and senior project managers


+ At least a bachelor's degree is required, preferably in finance or accounting

+ At least 7 years experience in finance, accounting or similar business field required.

+ Anaplan support experience with Level 1 or 2 Model Builder certification is a plus.

+ Experience designing, developing, implementing and managing FP&A technology solutions is a plus

+ Requires change management skills and the ability to work in ambiguous situations, including the ability to allow others to adapt to changing circumstances.

+ Requires excellent verbal and written communication, analytical skills, influencing skills and ability to build strong relationships with leadership team members.

+ Requires the ability to collaborate, influence and communicate effectively with all levels of the organization, including senior management

+ Basic project management skills required.

+ You must be able to resolve ambiguity, proactively identify and mitigate process risk in a cross-functional global organization, and effectively lead and manage decision-making bodies.

+ An innovation and continuous improvement mindset with the ability to transform complex business environments into simplified process designs is preferred.

+ This position may require 10-25% domestic and/or international travel depending on the employee's location

The base salary range for this position is $113,000 - $195,500

The company operates a highly competitive performance-based compensation program. In accordance with current policies, the position is eligible for an annual performance bonus in accordance with the terms of the applicable plan. The Annual Performance Bonus is a cash bonus designed to motivate the achievement of annual performance targets by rewarding individual and organizational performance during the calendar/performance year. Bonuses are awarded at the discretion of the Company and are subject to particular circumstances.

Subject to applicable terms, employees may be eligible to participate in employee benefit plans, such as health insurance, savings plans, retirement plans, disability plans, vacation pay, sick leave, vacation pay, and work, personal, and family leave plans. For more general information about corporate benefits visit:-

The compensation and benefits information contained in this notice applies to applicants hired in the United States. Applicants hired outside the United States are entitled to compensation and benefits based on the local market.

_Johnson & Johnson is an affirmative action and equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will be considered for employment without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, or protected veteran status, and without discrimination on the basis of disability. _

**Primary Location** North America - USA - New Jersey - New Brunswick

**Other Locations** NA - USA, North America, Europe/Middle East/Africa

**Organization** Johnson & Johnson Services (6090)

**JOB MODE** Finance

**Application Number:** 2306121333W

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