What is CRM Analytics? The best analytical CRM apps of 2023 (2023)

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Customer relationship management softwareIt plays a key role in gathering key customer information, managing customer relationships, and providing analytics and CRM data to create and drive business growth. The most basic function of a CRM application is to collect, organize and integrate consumer data from different channels. But how can you create added value for your company with the available data?

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The best way to understand this is to understand your business needs. The volumes of data that analytical CRM applications contain can be used as a goldmine to dig deeper whenever customer and prospect insights are needed. With the right products, your company will benefit in many business areas, regardless of company size or industry.

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  • Best Analytical CRM App

By 2029, the CRM industry is expected to be that far$145.79 billionto income. Businesses use CRM to ensure their strategies are based on relevant statistics, analytics and customer interests. But like a fingerprint, every business is different, with unique obstacles, goals and requirements. Every business requires a different approach, making finding the right CRM a struggle in itself.

What is CRM Analytics? The best analytical CRM apps of 2023 (3)

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What is Analytical CRM?

Analytical CRM is one of themMain types of CRM.Combines CRM functionality with analytics to study customer behavior. Reviews and creates a systematic assessment of customer dataBusiness Intelligence, see past sales trends, current leads and opportunities, and spot patterns in customer buying behavior. This data can be used for sales forecasting, trend forecasting, understanding the speed and geography of lead growth, and more.

Analytical CRM is the perfect combination of data and intelligence that can be leveraged to grow and increase sales. Leader-driven businesses can leverage the wealth of sales data to forecast sales, identify the right buyer interests, deliver appropriate sales strategies, and more.

Unlike analytical CRM, business CRM directly manages relationships. In addition, workflows and processes are simplified across the organizational structure.

Collaborative CRM handles daily tasks fromautomationAnd optimize back office processes, customer interactions and communication within your company.

main benefit

Combining data and intelligence

For a company's growth strategy to be successful, it is important to effectively understand customer behavior and their reactions to your product or service. This provides insights into various factors such as customer lifecycle, risk factors, profitability, customer loyalty and market segmentation.

With analytical CRM, you can use data and insights to support your business strategy. While sales and marketing can improve ROI, supporting data and insights can guide your efforts to maximize growth.

What is CRM Analytics? The best analytical CRM apps of 2023 (4)

Sales Analysis

Sales Analytics provides a detailed summary of sales, including but not limited to sales by channel, organization, product, category, team, etc. It also provides sales by region, season, cross-sell, up-sell, demographics and other key factors are listed. All of this information provides a consolidated view of sales so you can see underlying patterns and trends in the data.

Analysis of the client's portrait

Analytical CRM provides in-depth analytics by providing insights on a large number of customers and prospects through segmentation. This also helps in developing marketing strategies based on customer segmentation and makes it easier to approach potential customers.

Knowing your customers also opens up more room for one-to-one marketing. Additionally, it helps you track and segment customers based on purchase frequency, product usage, and demographic, psychographic, and geographic characteristics.

activity analysis

The ability to analyze customer behavior and reactions helps in understanding customer interests and changes. This data can help transform marketing and sales activities and provide actionable insights for optimal use of resources. Additionally, it provides the ability to measure individual campaign effort and performance, media effectiveness, and cost-benefit analysis. Analytical CRM brings purpose and control to campaign work through campaign analytics.

engagement analysis

It is the ultimate profit of any businesscustomer loyalty, which can be measured and addressed through comprehensive campaign and customer analytics. Loyalty analytics measure the duration of customer relationships, products and services used and frequency of purchases and provide appropriate customer loyalty programs. Combined campaign, customer and engagement analytics can be used to increase sales value by influencing brand loyalty.

profitability analysis

Every business needs to set prices, evaluate offers and discounts, allocate resources and achieve ROI. All these require a thorough study of inputs through investment of resources, human and monetary resources. Analytical CRM helps to calculate and consider all inputsprofitability analysis.

Analytical CRM helps to understand and activate the fundamental factors that contribute to sales growth. While the above lists represent some of the key benefits of analytical CRM, there are many ways it can enhance your sales and marketing efforts.

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Use CRM analytics

We all know that conversion requires more than just information, as both customer loyalty and brand recall are required to build a customer-aware business. The best way to achieve this is to know your customers: where they are, who they are and exactly what they are looking for.

Every CRM offersa specific set of functionsThis can help your business. One of these functions is data provision and analysis. Analytics is the basis for intelligently converting leads into leads, who in turn can be converted into brand ambassadors. CRM analytics provide detailed customer data and thus facilitate the implementation of sales and marketing strategies.

How can you make the most of this data to maximize value for your business? Here are some examples of how you can use CRM analytics for your business.

customer journey

customer journeyIt often varies by market type. Bulk purchases or bulk purchases last much longer than impulse purchases. For example, when a company buys software, the decision can take months, including needs assessment, product comparison, requirements gathering, vendor review, purchase, and brand loyalty. In this case, the transition to customer purchase takes longer than a quick one-time purchase.

In a large-scale process like this, an ideal CRM analytics platform examines customer journeys, identifies buying signals and tracks key metrics for your business to understand what your prospects want. You can use this data to analyze customer patterns and needs to improve your sales process and customer relationship management.


CRM analytics provide key buyer journey indicators to indicate readiness or disinterest to purchase your product or service. Customer transactions reflect a customer's level of interest, as customer behavior often reflects their level of interest and therefore how quickly they are likely to make a purchase.

Key metrics are collected from website visits, touchpoints, social media engagement, form completions, webinars or events attended, etc. Regardless, these metrics may not be useful, but CRM analytics can be used to identify and target customers. Such data also helps track frequency and engagement data.

customer relationship strategy

CRM analytics identify positive and negative inputs based on customer interactions. Metrics like open cases, incoming and outgoing calls, and chat threads help determine user sentiment. Based on these parameters, companies can help troubleshoot and solve problems.

Based on user sentiment, you can offer customer-centric solutions to build and maintain brand loyalty. This analysis can also help you improve problem areas such as customer service, response time, tracking, cross-selling and up-selling services, and more.

predictive analysis

Data and analytics analyzed through a CRM can not only help solve current business problems, but also map out predictive models. Data can help you understand purchase patterns, complaints, pre-purchase returns and other factors to create predictive results. You can use this data to formulate possible strategies and predict business growth. It allows a look into the future by analyzing the results of a large number of interactions, which is more insightful than manually comparing a few interactions. Predictive systems or predictive analytics help predict the probability of outcomes and understand failed business strategies.

customer subdivision

Based on the analysis, you can segment your customers based on the similarities that best suit your business. This makes it easier to identify, maintain and scale by understanding customers and their common approaches. These lists can be built from action research, profiles and results to help you understand your target audience and improvise accordingly.

First, the key to growing your business is making sure you understand customer personas, industries, purchase history, and support requests.

Automation and data are helping companies understand and meet customer needs more effectively than ever before. Educating employees about new technologies and adopting automation has proven beneficial for businesses.

CRM analytics help businesses understand the basics of customer response. In addition, it offers space to create, maintain and develop customer relationships. It not only helps grow the business through astute sales and marketing, but also builds lasting business relationships with customers.

network analysis

With CRM analytics, you can collect data from your business website and turn it into actionable insights. Instant recording of customer activity in CRM provides important metrics such as click and bounce rates as well as time spent on specific pages.


Use the data collected through CRM analytics tracking to generate multiple reports on sales forecasts, sales cycles, sales conversions, sales funnel and goal comparisons.

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Measure CRM analytics

CRM software allows you to measure multiple metrics to maximize sales effectiveness. Provides information on:


  • Point of view:Sales teams are always looking for new leads. Analyzing your lead generation process can help you understand what your sales reps are doing right and where they need to improve.
  • Lead Quality:Lead generation is literally the be-all and end-all of your sales department. Sales teams spend most of their time on the phone prospecting and sending offers. Tracking these activities gives you insights into converting leads into customers.
  • They got engaged:Tracking customer interactions across channels facilitates data-driven decisions. You can measure email performance for each email sequence to optimize your reach. Information such as website visitors, survey participants and newsletter subscriptions also contribute to the personalization of communication.

CRM analysis after the sale

  • Support Quality:By tracking your customers' questions, you can spot stubborn cracks in your armor. The fewer problems and faster resolution, the more likely customers will stay with you.
  • Partitions:After the sale, you can sort customers based on predefined variables. Use segmentation to identify customers who are likely to make repeat purchases or purchase additional products.

Choosing the right analytical CRM

Choosing a business-specific analytics CRM application requires careful thought and consideration. In the end, we come down to a few key factors that can point you in the right direction:

  • Flexibility:A back-end analytical CRM may not exactly meet your needs. Flexible CRM allows you to customize and expand the system according to your needs.
  • Availability:Introducing a new system required a lot of time to train employees. A CRM with a user-friendly interface, easy-to-use features, and built-in tutorials tends to simplify the onboarding process.
  • Data capacity:It is imperative to ensure that the analytical CRM you choose is capable of collecting, processing and storing large amounts of digital data. Cloud storage not only ensures security, but also makes it easier to track and access files and documents.
  • Integration:Analytical CRM that doesn't connect to your existing applications hurts workflow and productivity. Ensure the platform integrates seamlessly with legacy systems.
  • Visualization:A CRM with built-in data visualization tools such as interactive charts, graphs and dashboards will help you make sense of the available data.

Best Analytical CRM App

To help you get started with your search, we've listed the best CRM analytics apps based on our research and insights:

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Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a standalone product that helps businesses of all sizes drive digital transformation with seamless CRM capabilities. It helps businesses connect with customers, predict sales and transform the shopping experience. It allows companies to manage leads, track progress and automate sales processes to help sales professionals close more deals.

What is CRM Analytics? The best analytical CRM apps of 2023 (5)

The Salesforce sales rep dashboard provides visibility into deals, existing deals, and opportunities in progress.

Top benefits

  • AI-powered CRM assistant:Einstein is an AI-enabled CRM assistant that lets you analyze customer interactions to identify business patterns and trends and predict the right channels, content, products and messages for leads and opportunities. You can build behavioral prediction models and take actionable steps in Salesforce by integrating AI predictions or creating external business rules, automate workflows by capturing and capturing critical customer data, and resolve support cases with AI chatbots.
  • Sales forecast:Get real-time insight into forecasts, adjustments and processes across your entire team to help you make business decisions. Additionally, it tracks sales performance with real-time leaderboards. Overlap splits allow businesses to credit revenue overlaps with the right amount based on revenue, contract value and many other factors.

main characteristics

  • Analytics Reports and Dashboards:The solution offers team performance tracking, customer analytics, preconfigured dashboards for different types of users, and standard and custom reports. Dashboards update automatically so you always have the latest data.
  • Chart:Sales Cloud supports different chart types such as comparison, trend, relationship, composition, distribution, metric, location, funnel and more.
  • Sales Analysis:Cloud-based analytics provide intuitive visualizations, pre-built dashboards, lenses and datasets to accelerate data exploration. The configuration wizard allows the app to render data based on the company's viewing preferences and provide group quotas that can be accessed on any compatible device.
  • E-mail-Tracking:You can stay informed by syncing and tracking contacts, events and tasks. It also helps sales professionals stay on top by capturing new leads via email and adding them directly to your CRM dashboard.

Try it for free:14 Roofs.

Free plan:NO.


  • No external data sources are supported, with the exception of CSV files.
  • Access to multiple roles is not allowed.


Platform: Does not apply

Suitability for company size:klein

pipe transmission

Pipedrive offers sales solutions with CRM plugins. It helps prioritize deals, track performance and forecast revenue for business growth. You can use it to manage leads and offers, track communications, automate workflows and more. Other features include information, reports and customizable data fields.

What is CRM Analytics? The best analytical CRM apps of 2023 (6)

The Pipedrive dashboard provides a unified view of your sales pipeline.

Top benefits

  • Sales forecast:See your business performance with real-time dashboards and revenue forecast reports. You can fully customize forecast views and filters for products, start dates, offer start dates and other details.
  • Seller:AI-powered sales coaches can help users with personalized advice, behavior-based performance advice, automatic recommendations, alerts, and report charts that can be leveraged to drive sales.
  • Web-Formular:You can create and customize web forms to capture names, email addresses, phone numbers and other details that go straight to traffic along with incoming lead notifications. The information collected may be used to target customers through the website, email databases and social media.

main characteristics

  • Google Analytics-Integration:The resulting reports help identify lead qualifiers, traffic sources driving the most closed opportunities, locations and devices of the best available leads, and automatically feed data into CRM dashboards.
  • Reports and Filters:You can view pipeline metrics for any time period, e.g. B. the number of new deals, the average age of deals, the number of open deals, and the conversion rate of all deals. Apply custom filters to reports based on data requirements and help create, customize and filter visual sales dashboards to track goals.
  • Duct Measurements:Statistical tools show the health of the pipeline and the stages that need improvement. Relevant filters provide access to a detailed and personalized sales pipeline analysis and a customizable drag and drop interface.
  • Visual indicators:Visual reports provide charts and tables to monitor team performance, compare individual results, identify opportunities for improvement, and capture statistics such as conversion rates.

Try it for free:14 Roofs.
Free plan:tip. However, the free trial allows access to the full API and integrations, but does not allow direct automated responses to be sent when using the API.


  • It does not offer a standard power rating.
  • Bulk email tracking opens and clicks are not supported.
  • Scheduled reports and dashboards are not supported.

Oracle Customer Experience-Vertrieb

Oracle CX Sales is a suite of products from Oracle that empowers sales reps with intelligent recommendations, machine learning-based CRM capabilities, comprehensive customer data, and more. It helps leverage key data for better sales planning by providing real-time insights from the back office, CRM applications, third-party data layers and market signals. These recommendations guide and determine the best course of action for sales professionals.

Other features include Salesforce automation, sales planning, sales performance management, customer data management, DataFox data management and more. There are responsively designed mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

What is CRM Analytics? The best analytical CRM apps of 2023 (7)

Overview of Oracle CX Sales global dashboard listing functions and activities.

Top benefits

  • Data engine with artificial intelligence:DataFox is an AI-powered data engine that lets you find and prioritize target companies, leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning, and automate data collection through natural language processing. In addition, company data points, signals, filters, company valuation models and balance sheet areas are provided. It scans over 5 million digital assets and generates over 70 corporate data points and 68 corporate signals in real-time.
  • Adaptive Intelligence:The system offers artificial intelligence and data-driven applications to identify opportunities with the highest probability of winning. Features offered by these apps include probability scoring, automated suggestions for next best actions, deal acceleration, AI-driven business statistics, account enrichment signals, and account scoring for account prioritization.

main characteristics

  • Predictive Analytics:This feature allows managers and sales teams to create customized products and promotions based on customer needs.
  • Scheduled Analysis:Help deliver reports for a scheduled process and set up agents for email analytics, updates and dashboards.
  • Mobile Analysis:Sales professionals can access analytics and reports from the mobile home page. Analytics are built into the customer context and include data factors such as sales to sales customers, trends, sales customer win/loss trends, and sales customer win/loss reasons.
  • Real-time reporting:This feature delivers the latest data insights through reporting and analysis to each individual's workplace. You can explore predefined analyzes and create and edit analyzes in the workspace.

Try it for free:30 Take.
Free plan:Yes. One year of free AWS services is also available.


  • After selecting an opportunity from the dynamic selection list, navigating to the opportunity details page is not supported.
  • Customizing the default item subtabs on the item move details page is not supported.


Platform: Does not apply

Suitability for company size:klein

Dynamics 365 for sales

Dynamics 365 Sales is a standalone product that is part of the larger Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite. It manages sales productivity and marketing effectiveness through social intelligence, business intelligence and campaign management. Designed for all sizes of businesses, it helps reduce costs and increase profitability by organizing and automating business processes. It enables companies to sell smarter through contextual AI, enabling salespeople to build relationships and improve sales performance. Cloud and on-premises deployment options are available.

Sales teams can organize buyer journeys for sellers to prioritize accounts and campaigns, effective communication skills and multi-channel engagement. Sales managers can plan and forecast with real-time visibility. Additionally, Sales Operations can create specific roles, custom AI, and configurable sales processes.

What is CRM Analytics? The best analytical CRM apps of 2023 (8)

Dynamics 365 dashboards provide comprehensive insights into sales, revenue and opportunities.

Top benefits

  • Power BIIntegration:You can identify opportunities, analyze pipelines and view sales across all metrics in a single dashboard. The integration connects you to hundreds of data sources, including Excel spreadsheets, local data sources, big data, streaming data, cloud services, and more. The information includes key metrics for out-of-box workbooks, breakdown of cases by type, priority and geography, as well as service performance in terms of case volume, resolution rate, priority and more.
  • AI-powered Sales Insight Assistant:This feature tracks daily behavior and communication to create a series of insight cards and deliver tailored and actionable insights. You can receive reminders about upcoming events, as well as emails and notifications when an opportunity is nearing its expiration date or when a contact or account has been inactive for a specified period of time.
  • Mobile Analysis:The mobile app offers features like dashboards, charts, graphs, note taking, relationship assistant, offline sync and data export.

main characteristics

  • Interactive dashboard:These configurable, role-based dashboards provide an actionable overview of business data and allow you to view, record and write in one place. It comes in two flavors – single-stream and multi-stream format. The multithreading control panel section is preloaded with entity-specific configuration details. The flexible dashboard format offers multiple ways to view data and includes interactive graphs that display corresponding record metrics. You can also export and import dashboards in different environments.
  • Relationship Analysis:Integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides recommendations based on customer interaction data through LinkedIn. This allows you to view profiles, information and related leads. You can collaborate with integrated Office 365 tools and personalize sales documents. Sales Engagement combines customer data with survey results from Microsoft Forms Pro.
  • forecast forecast:Track sales across the organization and calculate revenue based on the likelihood that a team member will close a deal. AI-powered predictive forecasting helps you leverage historical data and data that combines bottom-up subjective prediction with objective data-driven prediction.

Try it for free:And.
Free plan:NO.


  • There is no native integration with Gmail.
  • Web browsers on smartphones are not supported for running model-based applications.
  • Exporting data to Excel format is not supported.

Pega Sales Automation

Pega Sales Automation is an intelligent, AI-powered sales automation solution that optimizes sales performance, anticipates customer needs, and streamlines core sales processes. It uses artificial intelligence to identify hidden sales and gives your business a 360-degree view of customers, real-time sales forecasts and more.

You can develop mobile apps using Pega's low-code app development platform, available for Android and iOS users. The mobile app works in both online and offline mode. The platform also offers intelligent knowledge management, lead management and opportunity management.

What is CRM Analytics? The best analytical CRM apps of 2023 (9)

The Pega Contact Dashboard provides detailed information about customers, including geofencing information such as location and reach.

Top benefits

  • AI Sales Coach:The platform uses AI to rank salesperson performance, analyze more than 50 different behaviors, alert managers to underperforming salespeople, and generate real-time coaching prompts to help open, grow, and close more deals . Dashboards provide an overview of your entire team's performance and track each member's progress. With predictive analytics, you can also react more quickly to performance degradation to gain insight into new seller prospects.
  • Sales forecast:Use real-time forecasting to support complex B2B and B2C sales processes across direct channels, dealers and resellers. The forecast breaks down sales channels by category, quarter and region for all devices. Audits allow you to track recent changes and identify when and why you adjusted forecasts.
  • Pega's future cast:Predict sales performance by comparing funnel, historical accuracy, actual sales, sales forecasts and other predictors. Estimated quota attainment for the quarter is also shown and targets are suggested.
  • Top ranking based on artificial intelligence:The app integrates 19 predictors to help process lead, contact, organization and sales rep data, allowing people to prioritize lead qualification and follow-up.

main characteristics

  • Dashboards and Reports:40+ out-of-the-box dashboards to track top opportunities, top leads, conversion rates, win/loss analysis, margin status, opportunities by product and more. This allows agents, executives and managers to track registered opportunities and modified deals. Dashboards can be synced with iOS or Android devices. Sales dashboards provide a cross-team view of pipeline information, leaderboards, sales goals, competitive opportunities, alerts and more.
  • Chart:In the graph you can access data about customer activity, email activity, website registrations, subscriptions and more. You can use this information to track your team's goal achievement and performance.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration:Identify, understand and engage potential buyers, find new leads, stay connected with built-in profiles and improve potential connections and opportunities.

Try it for free:30 Take.
Free plan:NO.


  • The market for plugins developed by partners is limited.
  • Missing plugins to integrate with third-party marketing automation tools and BI incentive management tools.



Suitability for company size: Trumpetlarge

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With the amount of data available today, CRM analytics play a key role in making effective use of this information. The combination of data and intelligence can provide insight into customer journeys, business processes, revenue and investment results, and more. This way, through anticipation and improvisation, you can prepare for the future and get better results, which allows you to level upcustomer satisfactionand faith.

Using an analytical CRM, you get tools like dashboards, reports, forecasts and artificial intelligence to optimize your work. Grab oursFree comparison reportSee which products have the most powerful analytics capabilities and start importing data. Your customers and your company will thank you.

Which analytical CRM application do you use in your company? Is your current CRM meeting your business goals? Let us know in the comments!

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